Construct a new life pattern by changing your hologram

Create a new abundance matrix

Monthly Goal Setting and Consciousness Expansion

At the beginning of each month, we go on a guided journey beyond 3-D to expand our consciousness, raise our vibration, program our goals and visions and set up our monthly container in the hologram.

December 1st Goal Setting and Consciousness Expansion Call

November 3rd Goal Setting and Consciousness Expansion Call

Holographic Tools Calls

Learn more about holographic tools and programs. You will explore many different ways to use these tools and programs for faster transformation.

March holographic tools call

January holographic tools call

Meditations and Special Gifts

Holiday Celebration Integration from December 24th, 2013
A very special holiday call to tap into global celebration energy. Add more love, joy and celebration in life.

December Alignment Meditation
An alignment meditation and global harmony call from Sedona. Listen to the meditation and integration.

2014 Year of the Wood Horse Feng Shui