7 Day Energy Detox

7 Day Energy Detox – Love, Money & Health

Most likely you are familiar with the concept of getting rid of toxic or unhealthy substances from your body and organs through a detox process.  Did you know that a physical detox is only a part of your Wholeness equation?

Discover the importance of running an energy detox for your physical, mental and emotional bodies. Let go of old blocks so you can attract more love, joy, money, harmony, good health and abundance into all areas of your life.

  • Are you holding on to old relationships?
  • Do you push money away from you because of unconscious beliefs?
  • Do you eat healthy and live a healthy lifestyle but don’t seem to experience a major shift in your health & wellness?
  • Do you feel energy drained?
  • Are you ready to raise your energy and vibration to attract more love, joy, good health and abundance?

The 7 Day Energy Detox Challenge is designed to help you move through and transform challenges around love, money, health and energy that are holding you back. During these calls you will experience:

  • Love Detox – transform the energy of love in your life.
    • Let go of shame, guilt, betrayal, broken promises and the energy of old relationships. Often, they hold you back from attracting the type of relationships that you desire.
    • Experience an energetic love detox for yourself and all your relationships.
    • Attract a higher vibration of love, transform your current relationships, enhance your romantic partnerships and increase joy in your everyday life.
  • Money Detox – create new opportunities for money to flow into your life.
    • Are you aware that old programming, past beliefs, failed businesses, jobs you didn’t like or even things that you have seen your family and friends go through around lack of financial success are creating money blocks in your life? It is their energetic imprints that often keep you stuck.
    • Run money detox processes to release these imprints and increase your abundance vibration to attract more wealth into your life.
  • Health Detox – improve your health and wellness.
    • Experience an energetic cellular detox that will help you transform old patterns that keep you and your body stuck.
    • Absorb energy from nature into your cells so that you can attract new solutions and vibrant, youthful energy.
  • More Clarity and A New Awareness – as you raise your vibration, embody and allow a stronger flow of energy, you will gain confidence, operate from a higher level of consciousness and as a result, attract new solutions more quickly. Learn how to manifest your goals with ease and grace.


Would you like to listen to these powerful sessions as often as like?

You can now own the full 7 Day Energy Detox program for only $97. You will receive 7 audio recordings of the detox and integration processes (over 3.5 hours) and 2 audio recordings of day 1 and day 7 Q&As, along with a  PDF that includes a program overview and instructions on how best to utilize the detox program.

7 Day Energy Detox Retail value: $297 Only $97