Our Universe is Much More Than Enough

Creation energy has no lack, limitations or restrictions.
The Universe is abundant, and you can use its energy to become the designer of your new life.

Join thousands from around the globe for one unified vision – to activate and open up the flow of abundance in all areas of your life. When each of us come together individually to strengthen the flow of abundance, it affects us all.

Sign-up below and receive your access to this Powerful, Transformative and LIVE class being held on Tuesday, August 8th at 5:00 pm Pacific / 8:00 pm EST.  Invite your friends to collaborate together and help create a Global Movement around Abundance.

Universal Abundance is About So Much More Than Money

Abundance is the flow of all things in harmony. It’s easy to get stuck on the idea that abundance equals money, but it’s just one small part of the equation.

During the class, you will begin to change how you notice abundance. Money is just one of the things you desire that can show up more easily in your life when you tap into the flow of Universal abundance. Open yourself to all the ways you can manifest abundance in your life.


Raise Your Personal Abundance Vibration

As you go through the process you will figure out where your personal abundance vibration currently sits. Once you understand your own flow of abundance, you can focus on raising your abundance threshold.

Experience a powerful guided journey/meditation and integration of abundance energy by infusing your heart’s desires. Learn to align your thoughts and feelings to attract abundance faster. In effect, you’ll learn how to manifest your dreams.


Simple and Powerful Action Steps

Learn the quick, easy, and powerful action steps you can take moving forward to raise your abundance vibration.

Not just during the class; not just when you’re consciously working on it; but every day in the background as you live your life.

Join the Global Abundance Activation to:


Experience a powerful guided meditation/journey to integrate a stronger flow of abundance in your life


Be empowered by the collective Abundance group consciousness of thousands from across the globe


Experience powerful teaching and guidance


Learn about your personal abundance vibration and how to raise it


Infuse your heart’s energy to attract abundance more easily


Align your energy with the cosmic flow of abundance


Experience powerful Holographic Tools


Transform lack and limitations and focus on Creation energy

Experience the Powerful Abundance Activation Class!

Become a designer of your new life and join thousands from around the globe for one unified vision. Sign up below to join us live on Tuesday, August 8th at 5:00 pm Pacific for a powerful, transformational FREE class!*

* You can watch the live stream video or listen to the audio on your computer or via telephone – you choose. If you aren’t able to join us live, a replay will also be available.

About your facilitator:


Mashhur Anam is an internationally known alchemist, speaker and the founder of Life Harmonized. He creates easy to use science-based transformational tools to help people access their personal power to manifest their desires and design their ideal lives. Curiosity, exploration and a desire to help humanity raise its collective consciousness has guided him to explore the holographic nature of our universe and uncover a multitude of algorithms and equations that create and design our reality as we know it. He brings these tools to people and companies from all over the world in a way that is understandable and easy-to-apply. He uses his advanced under- standing of holographic technology to help you become the Architect of your own desired reality.