Which Star Unlocks Your Hidden Potential?

Which Star Unlocks Your Hidden Potential?

Your final frontier is your inner universe. When you create harmony within and embody love, healing, and abundance, your external universe reflects that and your life becomes magical. When you learn to harness the power of the stars and use that power for creation, healing and bringing out your hidden gifts and talents, you can go beyond limitations and what is expected of you from society.

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Ending the Year in Gratitude

Ending the Year in Gratitude A few more days and we will say goodbye to another year! I always like to end the year in gratitude. Many people and especially businesses focus on what didn’t work for them or what they did not accomplish during the year. I have a different approach. On December 31st, the last day of the year, take 30 minutes to focus on all the things you have accomplished (yes, there are many!) during the past year. Think about your success and feel your...Read More »

Election, Donald Trump and My Audacity to Dream Bigger

Election, Donald Trump and My Audacity to Dream Bigger Sometimes change comes like the gentle transition from morning to night. Sometimes it comes in the form of a volcanic eruption. In the first case, there is a gentle, constant and gradual flow, which makes the transition smoother. In the case of a volcanic eruption, lava has to build up under the surface and when the pressure reaches a certain point, the volcano erupts. For many decades, emotional charges have been building up for people all...Read More »

Why Energy Favored Trump in 2016?

Why Energy Favored Trump in 2016? The 2016 election in the USA has been one of the most interesting ones in history. Everyone, including Donald Trump’s campaign, mentioned that it would take a miracle for them to win the election. And they won! It was interesting to notice how many “miracles” happened at the last minute and how he was able to perform above and beyond all expectations. Regardless of who you supported, without judgment, I hope you can acknowledge that something...Read More »

The Secret to Achieving What You Want Isn’t a Secret.

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