Cellular Enhancement & DNA Activation – NEW VERSION

Cellular Enhancement & DNA Activation

Are you ready to begin a powerful process that will radically transform your relationship with your body and enhance every aspect of your life?
With the Cellular Enhancement & DNA Activation program you will:
  • Awaken your self-healing abilities

  • Generate stronger life-force energy

  • Enhance and deepen your meditations

  • Activate your multi-strand DNA

  • Allow a stronger flow of cosmic energy

  • Manifest your goals and visions with clarity

 All physical living beings are made up of cells. Some of them are made up of only one cell and others have many cells. According to scientists, the adult human body is made up of over 37 trillion cells.

Cells contain a complex structure and many parts that work in synchronicity. The Nucleus within each cell contains Chromosomes and Chromosomes contain the DNA of life.

At this time of our consciousness evolution and progression to a more multi-dimensional environment, it is essential to deep cleanse and purify the cellular structure and all other parts of each cell including the DNA to remove energetic toxins. Some of these energetic toxins show up because the energy of our food, drinks and environment (such as the air we breathe in) is not pure. In addition, our daily lifestyle often does not naturally support the vibration that is necessary for our growth, alignment, consciousness expansion and ability to manifest with ease.

Did you know that information about your challenges are stored in your cellular memory?  It is time to heal those events and let go of the past.

The cells, organs and muscles also have their internal memory system. When non-beneficial or harmful memory is stored in these systems, they often cause major challenges in life. For example, if you once hurt yourself going down the stairs or jumping from a certain height, whenever a similar situation arises not only does your brain recreate those connections for you to remember, your muscles and cells also reproduce the feelings and memories to help you remember the experience (or even feel the pain again) to avoid repeating the same event.

Release Trapped Cellular Memory to Attract Success.

What if you had a bad experience with money or health or a relationship? Your cellular memory system will constantly run those scenarios for you creating a lower vibration, anxiety, stress, not good enough feelings and more. That is why it is important to run an energy detox of your cells to transform trapped energy and bring in cellular healing for restoration and rejuvenation.

In this program, you will experience a process to:
  • Deep cleanse different parts of your cells and organs
  • Raise the vibration of your cells and increase your focus and concentration
  • Deep cleanse the nucleus within your cells – they contain DNA
  • Harmonize the flow of energy through your Chromosomes and DNA
  • Integrate healing energy to allow your DNA to receive information about repairing and regenerating cellular functions
  • Anchor higher vibrational cosmic energy for your path, purpose and passion
  • Integrate a new Cellular and DNA Enhancement Matrix
  • Begin the process to activate your DNA to adapt your body to a 5th dimensional environment
Why is it Important to Enhance Your Cellular Structure?
image credit: Bruce Blaus

image credit: Bruce Blaus

The vibration of the Earth is gradually increasing giving all living beings time to adapt. In order for you to embody more light and a higher vibration the physical structures, the cells that hold the energy and information, need to adapt. Can you say Mitochondria?  They run around and do all kinds of things for you. One important part of cellular enhancement is the Mitochondria, which are membrane-bound organelle found in most cells. They are considered to be the powerhouse of the cell because they generate most of the cell’s supply of energy. They also coordinate different functions and send out signals and information when there is lack, immunity or dysfunction. Errors or ignorance in cellular signal processing can result in many diseases some of which are life threatening. Mitochondria are also involved in other tasks such as Cellular Differentiation (how cells change from one type to another or how they become more specialized during cell growth), signaling cell death and maintaining the control of cell cycle and cell growth. In addition, the Mitochondrion has its own independent DNA (mDNA) that converts chemical energy from food into a form that cells can use.

Sounds like biology lessons?

It is a bit of that, and so much more. During this class, you will begin a process to communicate with the Mitochondria of your cells and send them instructions to strengthen your immune system and instruct the cells to heal and regenerate or distribute a higher vibration or healing matrix into the cells. You will:

  • Purify the energy of your cells
  • Raise the energy of your cell-nucleus
  • Begin to communicate with your cells and Mitochondria to send instructions to heal
  • Embody higher vibrational cosmic and spiritual energy

You will also learn how to program your food with healing energy and information that the Mitochondrial DNA can then transmit.

Your Next Step Toward a Healthy Lifestyle and Spiritual Awakening

Would you like to take the next step of your journey toward operating from your heart and a higher level of consciousness? As you practice the steps, the CEDA program will help you to:

  • Align with your broader vision
  • Let go of trapped memories
  • Release ties to events from the past that keep you stuck
  • Strengthen your spiritual connections and manifest with clarity
What is the Importance of Enhancing and Activating Your DNA?
image credit: Magnus Manske

image credit: Magnus Manske

Cells contain a Nucleus. The cell nucleus contains the majority of the cell’s genetic material in the form of multiple linear DNA molecules organized into structures called chromosomes. DNA is a molecule that encodes the genetic instructions used in the development and functioning of all known living organisms. Most DNA molecules consist of two strands coiled around each other to form a double helix. In this class, you will experience an energetic deep cleansing process of your DNA. Your DNA contains all the information about you.  Information passed down from your ancestors is also encoded in your DNA.  A lot of that information is no longer beneficial for you especially when it comes to their experience of disharmony, lack and limitations. As new cells in your body are created, you can program your DNA to send beneficial and healing information to the new cells. In order to function from a higher level of consciousness, your DNA needs to hold new light codes that are stronger and higher in vibration. The process of DNA activation has existed for many thousands of years.  By taking part in this program you will experience an activation of your DNA with a new light matrix customized for the current state of consciousness expansion that the Earth can support. You will:

  • Experience an energetic deep cleansing of your Chromosomes and genetic codes
  • Deep cleanse and purify the energy of your DNA
  • Begin a process for your DNA to connect with the additional etheric DNA strands
  • Activate your DNA strands with a new light matrix customized for the current state of humanity’s consciousness evolution
Are You Ready to Activate Your DNA and Cells with a New Earth and Maia Matrix?

Scientists at one point labeled the additional DNA strands as junk or shadow DNA and did not know its purpose.  Modern day quantum physicists are reevaluating those theories and looking at the possibility of how the additional DNA strands may be linked to awakening hidden human potential and higher brain functions, as suggested by ancient spiritual teachings. As your DNA strands get activated and become stronger with higher vibrational light, it becomes easier for your physical body to heal and maintain youth and vitality. Through this class, you will experience encoding of an energy matrix into your DNA from the Earth and the star Maia in the Taurus constellation. Maia’s healing energy matrix helps to gradually strengthen the DNA and cells to provide restoration, regeneration, youth and vitality. You will ground all the energetic upgrades and enhancements with “the new Earth energy matrix” that supports a higher level of awakening.

And, begin a process that will help you to become more multidimensional and open your senses to work with the flow of cosmic energy and information in a deeper and more powerful way.
By taking part in this program you will:
  • Integrate healing energy into your cells for your physical body
  • Send healing messages and instructions through Mitochondria to enhance your cellular activities
  • Encode a new consciousness matrix into your Chromosomes
  • Integrate a healing matrix from Maia into your DNA
  • Allow your DNA and genetic codes to hold more light and embody a higher level of consciousness
  • Learn to maintain a higher state of consciousness
  • Send out a clear and powerful vibration to attract your desires using enhanced cellular energy
  • Expedite your journey to spiritual evolution
What does the Cellular Enhancement & DNA Activation program include?

4 MP3’s:

  • CEDA Part 1 Guided Process and Integration – MP3 – 1.25 hours
  • CEDA Part 2 Guided Process and Integration – MP3 – 1.5 hours
  • Q&A from Recent Participants (this will have 2 parts) – MP3 – 1.75 hours

A PDF Guide: The CEDA PDF Guide includes additional information and instructions on how best to utilize the program.


A Special Gift for You: Thank you for your interest in the program to transform limitations, go beyond old ways of thinking, enhancing your personal energy field, awakening your potentials and expediting your spiritual journey.  You can listen to the following guided journey and integration to go deeper and also to begin your preparation for the class.

Testimonials from Recent Participants

“Oh my, I do not yet have the words to describe the depths of gratitude…to have been a part of this program is totally magical itself. I DO KNOW this program is what ties, for me, all I’ve done together with you thus far Mashhur:) I am SUPER EXCITED!”
~ Lisa P., Massachusetts, USA  

“After CEDA, I had a bad fall where I should have been badly bruised. Instead I just had a cut from where I hit the cement. I should have also had a hip rotation that would normally take me months or a whole year to heal. Instead, I used the cellular enhancement program tools and told myself, or rather my cells, to rejuvenate. Also, I can hold my weight to a much healthier number. Thank you Mashhur!”
~ Naomi, M. California, USA

“The Cellular enhancement program was off the charts in intensity and “wow-ness” …best activations yet! Thanks Mashhur!”
~ Russ D., Texas, USA 

Lucy's Exams: Before & After CLICK TO ENLARGE

Lucy’s Exams: Before & After CLICK IMAGE TO ENLARGE

“I embody perfect health, vision…with glasses, 20/40. That’s the old story. Today, 20/20 with glasses. No wonder the glasses are getting a little fuzzy. My physical vision is improving. A miracle indeed.”
~ Lucy L., New Jersey, USA

“Since we did the CEDA class I am definitely aligning with new energy as a zillion fireworks continue to go off in my system. All I think is “I am Light” and it’s a big beautiful connection that has made me feel more playful, and not take things so seriously.”
~ Shivana I., St. Augustine, Trinidad & Tobago  

“I’ve really stepped into my own since CEDA. All sorts of new opportunities are flowing to me, I’m handling things in an entirely different way than before, and I continue to feel shifts and upgrades. I was walking outside today, and all of a sudden the colors I was seeing got much brighter, and my depth perception improved. My ability to visualize suddenly improved too, as I can now see objects three dimensionally, with depth perception, whereas they used to be flat.”
~  Jonathan H, Washington, DC., USA  

“I am really enjoying the Cellular DNA Activation. It’s giving new ways of relating to my body at a much deeper level. Thank you Mashhur!”
~ Helen Y., Cornwall, United Kingdom


Cellular Enhancement & DNA Activation Regular Price is: $497

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