Do you feel like you have done a lot of work on yourself, yet still find yourself repeating old non-beneficial patterns?

Do you allow fear of the unknown or making a mistake keep you from taking action in your life?

Do subtle forms of self-sabotage prevent you from moving forward or undo your progress?

Does it seem like old issues of worthiness keep resurfacing?

Are self-judgment and doubt still holding you back from the life you want to create?

Are you ready to heal, at a very deep level, the shame, guilt, not good enough, feeling powerless and other limiting programming and patterns that stop you from being everything you came here to be?

Dissolve and Release Cellular Imprints and Memories of Personal and Parental Lack, Limitations and Worthiness Patterns Stored in Your Gastrointestinal Tract

Begin to Embody Abundance, Success and Prosperity in
All Areas of Your Life

Did you know that information about your life experiences and patterns of success, failure, lack, limitations and upper limits is stored in your cellular memory?

Are you familiar with the Enteric Nervous System (ENS), also known as your Second Brain? It stores physical memories and connections to events through your GI Tract and associated organs – it doesn’t only help you digest food! It also processes feelings and emotions and sends signals to your brain about what to do or not to do based on the information it processes.

Your physical and energetic experiences begin when you are in the womb! All words, thoughts and feelings that are directed toward you are recorded in your internal “hard-drive” and associated cells and organ systems. All of these systems have therefore, been direct recipients of these energies since before you were even born.

While this is a new concept for many, more and more research and studies are coming out about the importance of your GI Tract and associated organs in processing information. When these areas hold memories, repeating patterns and parental information passed down to you in the womb, they can create resistance in achieving the success you desire. And you often need to work harder and fight this internal system to manifest your goals and visions.

How free will your system become when you “uninstall” or “remove” those connections and imprints? It will be just like removing a virus from your computer. Once you remove these from your physical and energetic system, you will have more resources to help you create what you desire instead of constantly undermining you.

Achieve the Abundance, Success and Prosperity that You Desire by Healing Physical, Emotional, Mental and Verbal Influences that Create Both Conscious and Unconscious Fear, Worry, Doubt, Worthiness and Financial Blocks for You.

Where Are These Energies Stored?

Your cells and organs hold onto these energies and experiences unless they are healed. Your Chakras, your nervous system and your consciousness also have connections to these memories, events and experiences and unless they are healed, dissolved and harmonized, they continue to surface in different ways.

At a deeper level, your entire gastrointestinal wall including your stomach and intestines hold cellular imprints of your personal, and passed down, parental information. If they are holding you back or create resistance, you will have to work hard in life for abundance.

While you continue to strengthen the flow of cosmic energies into your Chakras and Meridians, at a physical level, your “Second Brain” also needs to be healed to embody these higher vibrational cosmic energies.

What is Your Second Brain?

As researchers turn their microscopes and focus to the hidden environments in your body, they have discovered something remarkable: There’s an entire ecosystem of bacteria and a vast neural network operating in your gut.

The ENS or Enteric Nervous System is one of the main divisions of the nervous system and consists of a mesh-like system of neurons that governs the function of the gastrointestinal tract. The ENS in humans consists of some 500 million neurons. It is now often called the Second Brain and includes the entire GI Tract and associated organs including your esophagus, stomach, intestines, etc.

They do not only digest food – they also process information coming from food and the environment and can hold onto these memories and imprints in your cells and nervous system.

Memories Stored in Your GI Tract – How Do They Impact You?

Your entire gastrointestinal wall including your stomach and intestines hold cellular information from your personal life experiences. Your small intestine developed first while you were in the womb holding all thoughts and fears from your mother and her surroundings.

These overall imprints are stored energetically in the gut creating insecurities that are constantly being activated by your life experiences. Even though they may not be conscious memories, they still have a major impact on your behaviors and emotions.

Because these memories and influential patterns were stored before birth, we often spend a lot of time wondering about why we have patterns and behaviors that are blocking us from achieving a sense of well-being and prosperity in our lives.

When you are upset or experience fear, anxiety, worry, etc. around abundance, your systems slow down and you are often unable to process and release toxins and instead, hold onto them. These stuck emotions are connected to your instinctual drives and behaviors and stored in your organs as “rushing energy”, “sadness”, “loneliness”, “loss”, “fear,” “lack,” “upper limits,” etc.

Because they are more connected to your ENS and Second Brain, they are much harder to release and heal just by working on your mindset and beliefs.

In the womb, without filters, you received genetic material and directly absorbed thoughts, feelings, emotions and beliefs that your parents experienced and passed down to you about:

  • Abundance or lack in different areas of your life
  • Finances and experiences of lack, limitations and worry
  • Prosperity and living a joyful life or looking at life as a struggle
  • Allowing things to be easy or difficult for you (think – what did your parents experience?)
  • Often, an unconscious fear of success. A belief that others will leave you or it will break up your family or you will lose friends and loved ones if you achieve success. Or the opposite, people in your life will have expectations of you and what you can do for them if you are really successful
  • Upper limits around how much you are worthy of receiving
  • Financial guilt – what would others think of you as many associate wealth with greed
  • Self-judgment about success and how much you deserve or what is the ‘right’ amount, especially when you are choosing a more conscious or spiritual path

What is your Abundance Upper Limit or Threshold that is imprinted in your Enteric Nervous System and associated organs?

Would you like to break that threshold and remove these restrictions layer-by-layer?

Many times these limits are emotional and connected to certain past events that hold you back. It is very important to dissolve and release these limits and associated cellular imprints from your physical ENS and GI Tract to allow a stronger flow of abundance, success and prosperity in your life.

❯ Healing the Second Brain – Embody Abundance and Prosperity

You have been holding onto a lot of these limiting and non-beneficial, often harmful cellular memories for a long time. It is time to heal those events, transform the energies and let go of the past to move forward toward your vision of success and prosperity.

❯ Embody Cosmic Energies Faster – Align with Your Soul-Vision

As you heal those events and let go of the past, you can move forward toward your Soul-vision faster. After the recent Become the Guardians of Your Universe and Build Your Chakra Super-Computer programs, many of these very deep layers of feelings, experiences and conditioning have shown up, for many of the participants, to be healed and transformed. Some of these patterns and imprints have been under the surface for generations.

And, while both of these classes help with this, it became clear to me that there was a need to go much deeper into these cellular imprints and the Second Brain. And the idea for this series was born.

Heal Cellular Imprints of Physical, Emotional, Mental and Verbal Influence Around Abundance:

Often these cellular imprints can show up as psychic ties and hooks that keep you connected to unhealthy people and situations that you can’t seem to break away from. Even when you have a strong desire to do so and have done a lot to work on yourself to change these patterns.

During this program you will experience a new, systemic way to address these energies to shift your patterns around lack, limitations, worthiness and upper limits. Let’s heal these energies for your physical body, heal the events themselves, bring inner peace to your mind and heal the emotional connections they created so you can finally let go of the limiting feelings and anxiety around these events.

This will free up your body and energy system to attract a stronger flow of abundance in all areas of your life.

❯ Break Your Self-Inflicted Repeating Patterns for Success

When you consciously or unconsciously, knowingly or unknowingly experience repeated events around many of these harmful energies, you develop a reaction of self-judgment, worthiness, self-inflicted abuse, doubt and lack of clarity to a point that sometimes you don’t even know other options are available.

Life is not fair, good things don’t last and other beliefs become engraved in your being. During this program you will take action to consciously break these patterns and reactions so that you can allow and anchor higher vibrational energies to help you redesign your life.

❯ Experience a Deep Starlight Cleanse Focused on Your Connections to Abundance, Success and Prosperity

You will experience a deep cleansing of different layers of your ENS/Second Brain including your stomach, intestines and the entire GI tract with a mixture of Starlight energies. This special energetic mixture will contain instructions for your cells to release the cellular imprints that create lack and limitations.

The Starlight mixture will extract all those non-beneficial, harmful and limiting imprints layer-by-layer and help you experience an energetic healing at a cellular level. The Starlight mixture will also contain ratios of healing energies from the Earth, the Sun and different cosmic energies.

❯ Use the Exercises and Processes Throughout the Year

After you go through the program, continue to use the processes and exercises and apply them to different scenarios, events and experiences of your life and begin a process to heal them.

How is the Class Different from the Recent Second Brain Program?

In this new class, you will focus on healing and transforming physical and energetic imprints and associated memories from your ENS/Second Brain to attract a stronger flow of abundance, success and prosperity in your life.

It helps to give you a holistic process to go deep layer-by-layer and target specific energies in a way that your body and your consciousness can process, activate, anchor and help you embody the changes.

Do you first need to complete the Heal Cellular Imprints of Your Second Brain for Trauma, Abuse, Shame and Guilt program?

While it is not a requirement or prerequisite to receive of all the benefits of the NEW Abundance and Prosperity program, having experienced the recent Second Brain programs to help release Shame, Guilt, Betrayal, Trauma and Abuse will help you embody the energies of Abundance and Prosperity at a deeper level.  You can combine different processes and shift a lot of your unwanted core patterns faster to attract the results that you desire.

So how will this program help you to heal cellular imprints and memories of lack, limitation and upper limits to attract Abundance?

This is a subject-focused program where your connections to abundance, success and prosperity are targeted and transformed.

During this program you will experience a process to heal cellular memories and imprints from past events that have caused you to create your current upper limits or thresholds around attracting and receiving abundance, success and prosperity in your life.

Healing the memories of lack, limitations and suffering in life is an important aspect to breaking many non-beneficial behaviors and patterns that you are still functioning from today.  Many of these are unconscious as they are stored in the cells of your Second Brain, your Enteric Nervous System (ENS).

During this program you will experience a new, systemic way to address these energies specific to Abundance, Success and Prosperity. You will:


Dissolve and eliminate energetic toxins that are stored in your cellular memories that prevent abundance


Dissolve repeating patterns that have created resistance in receiving more abundance


Move into solution mode more easily rather than dwelling on what isn’t working or ‘if only’ scenarios


Feel more free to be yourself than you ever have before


Heal the conscious or unconscious physical, emotional, mental and verbal influences that create fear, doubt and worthiness patterns for you


Lessen and release stress layer-by-layer. You will be able to experience more harmony and ease in life


Discover new and better ways of interacting with the world (especially with those you care about) once these lower vibrational lack, limitations and restriction energies are dissolved out of your system


Let go of the limiting feelings and anxiety around events that created your current upper limits. Bring inner peace to your mind and heal the emotional connections those life experiences created for your system so you can attract more prosperity


As you reduce your day-to-day challenges, you can focus more on your cosmic alignment


Embody higher vibrational flow of abundance and cosmic energies faster

The process to Heal Cellular Imprints of Your Second Brain program includes:


A 2-Hour Online Class

You have the option to watch the video and/or listen to the audio tracks.

In addition to the introduction and explanation, you will receive 6 journey and processing audio/video tracks to:

  • Seal Leaky Holes for Success, Abundance and Prosperity
  • Dissolve Lack & Limitations that Prevent Abundance
  • Dissolve Resistance to Manifest and Attract Prosperity
  • Release Trauma to Attract Abundance, Success and Prosperity
  • Dissolve Worthiness, Doubt & Hesitation
  • Heal Your Not Good Enough, Not Able to Receive Imprints and Memories

An Extra 90-minute Guidance Class with Additional Processing and Q & A

To help you with this deep energetic inner transformation and healing process, you will also receive a follow up class where you will experience additional processing, support and guidance.


An Additional Option for a Special Stone to Support Your Abundance

You also have the option of receiving a special high-energy stone personally chosen for YOU and encoded with holographic matrices and the energies of abundance and prosperity.  You can use the stones at home or in your office/business.

Without looking at the stones, we will tune in to your energy and your path and choose the one that wants to play with you.

The stones will radiate out energy and information for healing, abundance, creativity, nurturing, collaboration, love, prosperity, Soul alignment and more.  You can touch the stones to make a connection with your goals and visions for abundance and prosperity.

You can also hold these 1.5 to 2 inch stones on your palm and radiate out energy, information, healing, solutions and the magic to your home, office, career, business, ideas, clients, family, environment and the planet.

The suppliers of the stones travel all over the world to find them.  These stones naturally hold the energies of abundance and prosperity and with holographic encoding, the effects are magnified.

We have a limited quantity of stones available that meet our requirements.  Once we run out of the stones, you may see an option not available message during your purchase.

Are You Ready to Achieve the Abundance, Success and Prosperity that You Desire?


Stones will be shipped through the United States Postal Service via Priority Mail service. You will see your shipping option after entering your address. Please allow 5 to 6 business days for processing, shipping and delivery for orders within the U.S.  Please allow 8 to 12 business days for international orders.

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