Are you looking for a way to expand your relationships with the world around you in a way that feels more rewarding?

Do you find yourself wishing that you could have better, more authentic relationships in your life, especially with your family members?

Do you feel that you recognize your worthiness and amazingness yet still feel stuck in a routine that doesn’t seem to manifest the close connections or the life partner you desire?

Are you ready to have deeper, genuine and more meaningful relationships in your life with yourself and others?

Have you imagined the loving relationships that you’d like to have? Are they so real and vivid in your mind’s eye that experiencing them is your next step?

Are you now ready to shift any remaining patterns or energies that are preventing you from manifesting and embodying the relationships you envision?


Join us to Redefine, Attract and Receive the Loving Relationships & Connections You Desire!

Do you know that your DNA is constantly interacting with your environment and exchanging signals with each other?

And in our modern world, our environment is flooded with signals that often stimulate internal fear, doubt and lack responses that can negatively affect our relationships and connections with others.

Would you like to change these signals for yourself, those you love and the world around you?

During the Heal Your Cellular Imprints for Love & Relationships program you will begin to do just that! You will send new instructions to your DNA and influence your transmitters to send out signals to your cells, your body and the world around you so that you can reshape your life with more love, joyful relationships and rewarding connections that will empower you, others and the Earth.

The Epigenetics of Love, Your Relationships and Connections

Light up inactive DNA instructions to hold a stronger vibration of love and change your reality.

As scientists dive deeper into the field of epigenetics, data has proven that there is an inter-play between our internal and external worlds. Your life is shaped by the energy of your environment; your food, water, what you see, feel and hear, and think.

Different genes and their potential qualities are turned on or off based on your daily activities. That means that your conscious and unconscious interactions with the world around you are re-shaping your DNA even as you read this.

Are your current connections with others heart-centered, uplifting, authentic, loving and aligned with your Soul’s vibration?

Your cells become stressed if your connections with the people and objects around you are less than empowering.

When this stress occurs, epigenetic changes can interfere with your gene expression (a scientific term).

One way this manifests is that your DNA strands become more tightly coiled, which makes it difficult for the information in your DNA to be properly read. When that information is about having better health or harmonious connections, your system may have difficulty in those areas because it cannot properly express the information.

Wouldn’t it be great to turn on the instructions that can heal relationships, attract great connections, increase the flow of cosmic love in your cells and DNA and help you be more loving and peaceful no matter what is going on around you?

During the program, we will communicate with your DNA to integrate beneficial love and relationship energies by:

Helping Unwind Your DNA & Change Your Energy with Encoded Rose Waves

Your DNA is constantly interacting with your environment.

During this program you will learn to use newly programmed Encoded Holographic Rose Waves for your DNA to send instructions about unwinding tightly coiled DNA strands (so they can be read and enhanced more easily) and integrate the frequency of rose energy, which holds one of the highest love vibrations on Earth.

Using the Encoded Rose Waves you will transform energies containing any lack of worthiness around giving and receiving love to break your old cycle of limitations.

As you practice using the Rose Waves for your DNA, you will hold the energies that help you experience success with love, to be more peaceful and to bring in a stronger Soul-alignment for yourself.

Experience the Heal Cellular Imprints of Your Second Brain for Love & Relationships program and put these new steps in action.

Healing Your Enteric Nervous System (ENS) to Enhance Love and Relationships

ENS is also known as your Second Brain and contains 500 million neurons.

Do you know that information from your life experiences have created repeating patterns centered on love, romance, relationships and how you connect with others, and these are stored in your cellular memory and genetics?

Your ENS stores physical memories and connections to events in your GI Tract and associated organs – it doesn’t only digest food! It also processes feelings and emotions and sends signals to your brain about what to do, or not to do, based on the information it processes.

  • Is it currently easy or difficult for you to allow love and healthy relationships into your life?
  • Do you love who you are and value yourself?
  • Do you consistently prioritize others before yourself?
  • Do you sometimes feel like you would rather be someone else or have someone else’s life?
  • Have you wondered why you can’t change the patterns of your interactions with those closest to you, no matter how much work you have done on yourself?

Your Enteric Nervous System may be holding onto information passed down to you while you were in the womb and from past life events that are still creating challenges in how much you allow the flow of love, romance, relationships and healthy connections into your life.

Until you transform these energies within your ENS, there will be conscious or unconscious self-sabotaging energy imprints that take you back to old repeating patterns.

This can create resistance to having healthy, loving and rewarding relationships and connections with yourself, others and the world around you.

❯ Healing and Transforming the Memories and Imprints from Your ENS for Love, Relationships and Connections

Allow yourself to experience healthy and fulfilling relationships in all areas of your life.

When these imprints exist, your body, organs and nervous system will have pre-defined reactions to other people, self-perceptions that effect how you value yourself, your capabilities and how you mentally and emotionally respond to situations and people in your life. These imprints influence your ability to give and receive love and create meaningful connections with others.

As you experience the Heal Cellular Imprints of Your Second Brain program, you will change your upper limits to allow a stronger flow of love, romance and healthy relationships into your life. As you practice the steps, you will experience a significant improvement in your personal life and notice the changes in the world around you.

Changing the Stress-based Lifestyle So Many of Us Experience by Not Being True to Our Selves

Redefine Love by Being Authentic to Your Soul’s Vibration.

In today’s world, our lives are often run not by our heart and soul’s passions, but by fear, anxieties, doubt and lack. The need to try and change or suppress our desires to fit in or succeed in today’s world can be quite strong. So, we often change who we are to make others happy or to have the job or lifestyle we are told we should want.

If you need to be someone else to be successful or happy, the Universe would have sent you here as someone else. And the Universe doesn’t make mistakes.

Now is the time to rise above the media controlled stress-based lifestyle and be who you truly are. When you are authentic and listen to your Soul’s wisdom, you are more aligned with the cosmic flow of energy, love, kindness and passion and your life becomes magical instead of stressful.

By taking part in this program you will be able to hold a stronger vibration of love in your cells and DNA and move towards your true self. This allows you to embody and hold your soul’s vibration more easily, regardless of your surroundings

How is the Class Different from the Recent Second Brain Programs?

The “Heal Cellular Imprints of Your Second Brain” programs are topic specific.  They help to give you a holistic process to go deep layer-by-layer and target specific energies in a way that your body and your consciousness can process, activate, anchor and help you embody the changes.

The very first Second Brain (foundation) program helps you to release and transform conscious and unconscious patterns of shame, stress, guilt, betrayal, abuse and trauma from your ENS.

The second one in the series helps you to transform physical, mental and emotional patterns and upper limits for success and abundance.

In this NEW Love & Relationships program, you will focus on healing and transforming physical and energetic imprints and associated memories from your ENS/Second Brain to attract and experience a stronger flow of love, romance, healthy relationships and connections with others in your life.  In addition, you will also focus on changing the signaling in your DNA to help reshape your environment with love.

Do you first need to complete the other Heal Cellular Imprints of Your Second programs?

While it is not a requirement or prerequisite to receive all the benefits of the NEW Love & Relationships program, having experienced the recent Second Brain programs to help release Shame, Guilt, Betrayal, Trauma and Abuse and Lack and Limitations around Abundance and Prosperity will help you experience love and relationships at a deeper level.  You can combine different processes and shift a lot of your unwanted core patterns faster to attract the results that you desire.


The Heal Your Second Brain for Love & Relationships Program
Will Help You:


Experience an Energetic Deep Cleansing of Your GI Tract and Layers of Your ENS to Embody a Stronger Vibration of Love


Transform Limiting Beliefs Around Relationships and Connections from Your Teenage & Adult Years


Release Fear Around Giving and Receiving Love


Dissolve Limiting Imprints of Love and Connection from Your Childhood


Instruct Your DNA to Send Out Different Signals for Empowering Love and Relationships


Dissolve Cellular Trauma Around Love and Connections that Formed While You Were in the Womb


Allow Your DNA to Unwind with Encoded Rose Waves and Reshape Your Environment for Love

As you change the energy of love, relationships and connections within you and around you, you will become a factor in helping to shift the energy in your personal environment. When enough people on the planet take similar actions, together, we will create a ripple effect that helps reshape the flow of authentic love, joyful relationships and magical connections with one another.

When you are authentically you, you can hold a stronger vibration of love energy and are then able to change interference, anger, lack, limitations and judgment energies that may be directed toward you or are around you. Simply by being YOU!

Are you ready to experience a new, systemic way to address these energies so that you can experience deeper love, healthier relationships, more peace and more joyful, authentic connections with yourself and others?

During this Brand New Heal Cellular Imprints of Your Second Brain for Love & Relationships Program You Will:


Influence your DNA to send out new signals for healthy relationships


Dissolve and eliminate the energetic toxins and fear stored in your cellular memories that prevent healthy love and relationships


Reduce and release relationship stress layer-by-layer from your ENS


Learn to use the encoded Rose Waves to enhance your experience of love


Accept yourself for who you are – release self-judgment


Heal the conscious or unconscious physical, emotional, mental and verbal influences that create fear, doubt and lack of worthiness to give and receive love


Allow life to become easier as you free your gut and energetic systems from old experiences


Open up your heart more to allow a stronger flow of Divine love


Extend your current upper limits for attracting, receiving and embodying love and healthy connections with yourself and others


Meditate or focus on what you desire moving forward with less resistance


Allow your cellular vibration of love to increase

The process to Heal Cellular Imprints of Your Second Brain for Love & Relationships program includes:


Two - 2-Hour Online Classes

You have the option to watch the video and/or listen to the audio tracks.

In addition to the introduction and explanation, you will receive 7 journey and processing audio/video tracks to:

  • Install and Activate the Rose Waves
  • Deeply Heal Your ENS Using the Rose Waves
  • Heal Marriage, Separation, Break-ups and Divorce Imprints from Your ENS
  • Heal Childhood Imprints, Upper Limits and Enhance Your Love & Relationships
  • Scan Your DNA and Update Your Tags
  • Tune into Your Soul Vibration
  • Transmit the Energies of New Beneficial Beliefs into Your DNA

Rose Wave Matrix Imprint

In addition to the Holographic Rose Wave activation during the classes, you will also receive a Matrix Imprint with this program. A Matrix Imprint is a specially encoded “live”, interactive image with a lot of programming. It has a multidimensional environment so you can imagine yourself jumping into the image or allow waves of energy and information to come to you from the image.

The programming will help you to influence your DNA and your environment with a multidimensional love vibration. You can print it out and keep it at your home/office to radiate out Rose Waves and love energies, use it as a screen saver for your computer or mobile devices, there are lots of ways to play!

Are you ready to redefine the flow of love in your world and create healthier relationships with others that empower yourself and everyone around you?


About Mashhur Anam

Mashhur Anam is an internationally known alchemist, speaker and the founder of Life Harmonized. He creates easy to use science-based transformational tools to help people access their personal power to manifest their desires and design their ideal lives.

Mashhur is guided by a belief and deep knowing that anything is possible. Over the years, curiosity, exploration and a desire to help humanity raise its collective consciousness has guided him to explore the holographic nature of our universe and uncover a multitude of algorithms and equations that create and design our reality as we know it.

He brings these tools to people and companies from all over the world in a way that is understandable and easy-to-apply. He uses his advanced understanding of holographic technology to help you become the Architect of your own desired reality.

Although these tools and programs are complex in nature, Mashhur’s programs allow anyone from any background to incorporate them into their daily lives.

He founded Life Harmonized so that all people could access these powerful technologies to raise the consciousness and vibration of the world. He and his team of fellow manifestors, dreamers and reality-benders love to serve their clients in achieving their desires.