Enhance Your Energetic Gateways Where Matter and Consciousness Meet

Since ancient times, Chakras have been considered as gateways where matter and consciousness meet. The Sanskrit word Chakra literally translates to a wheel or a disk. That’s why Chakras are often depicted as swirling wheels—the energy centers of your body.

Where Matter and Consciousness Meet – Your Physical Body and Your Spiritual Center

Traditionally, most teachings say there are 7 Chakras – the 7 primary Chakras or energy centers for your body.  Notice the word “primary” – because Chakras are actually all over your system.

These micro Chakras throughout your body regulate the flow of information – both physical and energetic.

Beyond the micro Chakras and the primary 7, there are 5 additional spiritual Chakras that are important for your consciousness expansion and ability to operate from a higher level of awareness.

Very few talk about this second level of Chakras.  These Chakras exist to regulate and process higher vibrational and cosmic information, allowing you to move beyond the physical.

These higher Chakras help you to align with and strengthen your Soul vision, higher purpose, cosmic creation energy, higher intuition, ESP and more.  When these higher Chakras are active and you are connected to them fully, you have “opened” them.

When energy and information flows through them without resistance, they give you the power to shape your reality.

Your Consciousness Computer – The Chakra CPU

A CPU or a Central Processing Unit (also known as a computer processor) is the electronic circuitry within a computer that carries out the instructions of a computer program.  A CPU performs the basic arithmetic, logic, control and other input/output operations specified by the instructions.

CPUs process the information necessary to operate computers.

Your Chakras are the CPUs for your body and your energetic system.  They form the energetic gateways that regulate the flow of all types of information for your body and your energy field.

Like a computer CPU, your Chakras can get clogged up with bad information, stored trauma, and even malicious attacks on you from outside. To function at the highest level of consciousness and transcend the physical, your Chakras need cleansing, transformation and upgrades.

Attune Your Chakras to Your Soul Path –
Build Your Internal Super-Computer

I’d like to introduce you to a brand new program to heal,
cleanse, enhance, and upgrade your Chakras.

Build Your Chakra Super-Computer

As you enhance your internal spiritual super-computer, you will:

Deep cleanse and nourish the different levels of your 12 major Chakras

Experience more vitality and life force

Integrate Alcyone codes to enhance your Chakra Operating System

Enhance your Chakra regulators to break the cycle of repeating patterns and receive a stronger flow of cosmic energies and Soul guidance

Enhance the flow of information in your micro-Chakra network

Awaken your inner intelligence

Transform and release emotional pain stored in your body and connected to your energetic system

Go deeper into your spiritual practice, meditation and journeys

Strengthen your cosmic alignment

Manifest faster with deep cleansed and aligned Chakras

Receive more information and guidance from Nature, Earth, your guides and cosmic bodies (such as the Sun, the Stars and more)

The Build Your Chakra Super-Computer program runs for 8 days and is a 2-part online program where you will:

  • Experience Two – 2 hour classes
  • Receive 9 Separate Journeys including:
    • Deep Cleansing & Healing of Your Chakras
    • Installation of New Chakra Processors
    • Enhancement of Your Chakra Crystals
    • Integration of a New Alcyone Operating System
    • Enhancement of Your Chakra Flow Regulators
    • Alignment with the Earth’s Chakra
  • 3 month’s of continued support – Fun with Your Chakras – program to help you play more, deepen your experience and further enhance your chakra system’s attunement and alignment.



To make the Build Your Chakra Super-Computer program more accessible to all throughout the world, we have also created a 2 payment option.

During the program you will:


Heal Your Chakra Timeline Imprints

Your consciousness has explored many galaxies during its existence. From this journey there remains unresolved patterns, trauma, and connections to limiting beliefs. Most people hold on to experiences of deep fear in this lifetime from many lifetimes ago. The disharmony from these experiences can keep you from achieving your goals and visions and living the life you desire.

Acting as your spiritual CPU, a lot of this information is stored in or connected to your Chakras. Without healing these negative imprints, you can’t create new information pathways.

During this program you will identify and transform core fear, doubt and worthiness patterns in your Chakras and diffuse them by exploring and experiencing the Soul Path Attunement for Chakras program.

  • Remove your core resistance, blocks and unwanted programming from your Chakras
  • Heal your past physical, emotional and mental traumas by healing your Chakras
  • Move forward faster to design and enhance your life
  • Allow your enhanced Chakras to help you align with your Soul vision and purpose

Deep Cleanse, Heal & Enhance Your Multi-Tiered Chakra System

From time to time, you need to give your computer a deeper level of cleansing by organizing files and systems, removing old software, upgrading anything outdated, and defragmenting your hard drive. This keeps your system working quickly and efficiently, making everything you do on your computer much easier.

Similar to your computer, your Chakras also need a deep cleansing on a regular basis. As you go through all kinds of experiences in your everyday life, much of the information and energy your Chakras process is not beneficial for you.  Often, it creates limitations and roadblocks for your success.

As a part of this program, you will experience an energetic deep cleanse of your multi-tiered Chakra system.  Not just for the 7 or 12 primary Chakras, also for the micro Chakras and different levels within your Chakras.

  • Allow your Chakras to become more efficient
  • Regulate energy and information faster
  • Diffuse stress and anxiety more easily
  • Attract inner peace and bliss
  • Change non-beneficial and limiting energies and programs that are a part of the deeper levels of your Chakras

The processes will help you to strengthen, align and open up your Chakras more to bring in rapid transformation and creation energies.

You will also hold the vibration to manifest faster, help your family, friends and clients and initiate a new wave of consciousness evolution on Earth.


Enhance your Chakra Crystals

Each of your Chakras contains a central power crystal. Around the central crystal, there is a network of Chakra crystals that maintain holographic data and connections, regulate information, connect you with memories and experiences associated with that Chakra function, allow you to access a higher level of consciousness and more.

As you experience more and more in your life, the information can become fragmented and connections get weakened. This fragmentation causes difficulty in accessing memories and events from your Soul’s journey, and sometimes healing takes much longer. As you begin to heal and align those Chakra crystals, you can:

  • Access deeper levels of information from your Soul’s journey
  • Enhance your intuition and knowingness
  • Help your family, friends, clients and others, including the Earth
  • Practice and open up or enhance your communication with Nature, the Earth, the Cosmic Bodies and your Guides

Your abilities will get stronger so that you can change reality in a way that aligns with a higher cosmic vision and your own soul’s purpose.


Chakra Alignment with Earth

During the program, you will focus on aligning and attuning your Chakras with the Earth’s Chakra vibration.

This will allow you to experience more harmony with the planet, the environment and all life on Earth. In turn, the Earth will experience more harmony as your alignment helps heal beyond just your own Chakras.

This process is similar to tuning in to a particular TV or radio station.  As you align your Chakras with Earth, you become a stronger part of the planet and expedite consciousness evolution and alignment with higher vibrational cosmic energies for yourself, humanity and the Earth.


Upgrade the Processors for Your Chakras

Your Chakras have internal programming just like a CPU that instructs them on what to do and how to process information.  As you go through the program, you will experience enhancements and upgrades to your Chakra processors and programming.

It will be similar to upgrading your computer hardware with faster, newer and more efficient processors.  This will allow you to consciously and unconsciously analyze higher vibrational information and receive guidance to align with more beneficial options.

As you learn and practice using the Chakras to enhance your life, you will be able to send a stronger flow of energies that match the options that you would love to attract.


Remove Restrictive Generational Imprints from Your Chakras

You have received information from previous generations through your DNA and encoded in your Chakras about all types of experiences your ancestors went through during their lives. Often, many of these limiting experiences, beliefs and generational imprints have created upper limits for your consciousness expansion.

Generational Chakra imprints that regulate the flow of abundance, prosperity, love, harmony, success, alignment, achieving higher potential and more can hold you back when your ancestors experienced limitations in these areas.

During this program we will remove these imprints layer by layer and enhance your Chakras for rapid growth and success based on what you can process.


Higher Vibrational Solar Alignment for Your Chakras


As a part of this program, you will integrate higher vibrational spiritual alignment for your Chakras from the Sun.  This will empower you to explore non-traditional solutions, making limits and roadblocks a thing of the past.

With the new attunement, you will also help and empower people, organizations and companies that are working to bring forward Eco-friendly and conscious solutions to our everyday challenges.


Integrate Alcyone Codes for Enhancing Your Chakra Operating System

Alcyone is a star in the constellation of Taurus and it is a power source for our Sun.  The consciousness of the Sun receives cosmic and spiritual instructions and guidance from Alcyone.

As you enhance the holographic configuration and operating system of your Chakras with information and codes from Alcyone, your direct link to this powerful star will get stronger.

In addition to the Sun, you can also become a power source on Earth and receive information, instructions and spiritual guidance. You will have the power to enhance life on Earth and journey toward your next level of consciousness evolution and exploration.


Enhance Your Chakra Energy Flow Regulators

At some point during our collective consciousness evolution, energy and information flow regulators were introduced to our Chakra system.  The purpose of these flow regulators is to help you unlock the next level once you achieve a certain level of vibration, learn different lessons and explore many possibilities.

Without these flow regulators, humanity would be able to bring in a much higher vibration of light and cosmic information which could “force” a person into a higher plane of existence without proper knowledge and understanding.

However, many of these flow regulators have been damaged over time or have experienced intentional interference from different groups to keep the general population under a certain level of control, power and domination.

Sometimes these regulators now keep you in a repeating pattern. It’s time to break that cycle as Earth now supports a much higher vibration for humanity.

You will receive an adjustment of these Chakra flow regulators from a higher level of consciousness to help you receive and understand a stronger flow of cosmic information—information and enlightenment you are ready to embody.

Enhancements of these regulators will also help you to explore different realities, possibilities, expand your abilities and design and enhance your reality more easily.

Enhance and Connect –
The Chakra Super-Computer Network

The Chakra program will help you raise the vibration of Earth as Earth can now count on you to bring in and process additional information.

It will be similar to having a network of powerful computer servers all over the world to process and deliver information to people—everyone can find what they are looking for faster and with more ease.

As you enhance your Chakra system, you will bring in Alcyone codes directly for the planet, the ocean, the environment, the plants and animals, and for humanity.  It will help to initiate a new level of conscious and spiritual awakening at many levels all over the Earth.

As more program participants will be able to process the higher vibrational information, you will notice more people all over the world operating from a higher level of consciousness and working for global harmony, collaboration, empowerment and equality.

It is time to play a bigger role together to uplift the collective consciousness so we can experience a reality that people desired for thousands of years.

Are you ready?


To make the Build Your Chakra Super-Computer program more accessible to all throughout the world, we have also created a 2 payment option.