Mashhur-Anam-Web-188portIf you are seeking one-on-one support, a private coaching session with Mashhur Anam may be ideal for you.

Reasons to Seek One-on-One Consultation Clients who want a deeper analysis or evaluation of desired goals or are looking to break through specific blocks find investing in one-on-one consulting a great fit for them. In a 50-minute session, Mashhur Anam will work with you to review your list of goals and/or challenges that you are seeking to transform for your highest harmony and alignment. During your session you will also be given simple steps to follow after your appointment to expedite the shifts on an ongoing basis. A typical session can include:

  • Energetic deep cleansing of your personal energy field, your home, office and business to help you raise the energetic vibration to manifest faster
  • Integrating energy to align with your higher vision and purpose
  • Helping you transform repeating patterns in your life
  • Helping you reprogram your belief systems
  • Integrating lessons from your soul’s journey that you need to learn for your personal growth to accomplish your goals and purpose
  • Reprogramming your Personal Relationship Matrix to attract love and joy
  • Disconnecting from group consciousness or morphic fields that are not beneficial for you
  • Connecting with beneficial morphic fields or group consciousness that will support your goals
  • Enhanced Abundance Matrix Integration
  • Harmonizing Karmic/Timeline Ties
  • Setting up holographic structured containers for your transformation

These coaching sessions book 3+ weeks in advance and are very limited. We typically book time with Mashhur Anam on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Book your One-on-One Consultation with Mashhur today.

Regular $498.  Current Discount $298.


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