Election, Donald Trump and My Audacity to Dream Bigger

orion-magic-dream-biggerSometimes change comes like the gentle transition from morning to night. Sometimes it comes in the form of a volcanic eruption. In the first case, there is a gentle, constant and gradual flow, which makes the transition smoother. In the case of a volcanic eruption, lava has to build up under the surface and when the pressure reaches a certain point, the volcano erupts.

For many decades, emotional charges have been building up for people all over the world as very little change has occurred within systems, governments, corporations and how things are run. Now we are seeing the volcanic eruptions happen where many would say that, against all odds, Donald Trump managed to win the U.S. Presidency.

I recently explained how the energy building up to the 2016 Election actually favored Donald Trump over Secretary Clinton. You can read that post here if you haven’t already. 

I have also seen many people going into immediate fear over race, religion, immigration, Supreme Court appointments, the environment, the right to choose and many other policies. Many fear-based questions have also come to me from different parts of the world.

We all have the power to design our own reality. When we operate from fear, we create a vibrational resonance with all the things that we would like to avoid and run away from.


A Different Point of View – What Can YOU Do Now?

I know that some people are thrilled, but the majority of the people around the planet, especially in the field of consciousness, are devastated when they look at the U.S. Election results. People all over the world are concerned about the environment, the refugee situation and about racism and religious disharmony among other important topics.

Many spiritual teachers, such as Deepak Chopra, publicly mentioned that Donald Trump operates from the Root Chakra, which is more about power and survival. True, however, there is another side to it.

When people are in alignment with the Cosmic or Divine flow of energy, the Root Chakra will help to build, restore and reform. When people are not in alignment, the ego or personality will use that energy to wage wars and will bring in anger, judgment and destruction.


Do you know that at his Soul-level, Donald Trump is a builder?

What if people stop sending vibrations of anger, judgment and hatred (which create more separation) and instead, begin to focus on connecting with the builder that resides deep inside him? What if we all send in healing and loving energy so that the ego aligns with his Soul consciousness?


My Audacity to Dream Bigger

I would like to have the audacity to dream bigger to connect with that part of Donald Trump and help him build and rebuild in unconventional ways to help the world. Do you personally think that is too much to ask for? Are you willing to help or create more resistance?

  • What if collectively we empower him to be surrounded by those with a vision and action plan to move the country and humanity forward?
  • What if we can help him to align with the soul-builder in him to reform systems, create new structures and help the environment?
  • What if the power of will and alignment can be used to bring people and faiths together to focus on building global harmony instead of waging wars, creating separation and igniting anger?
  • How about constantly sending the new administration our highest vision of harmony, peace, love and collaboration?


Is This Possible?

You can resist and react by thinking “none of this is possible”. However, that soul-builder inside Donald Trump needs help, support and guidance to be heard by the personality and ego. Together, can we empower that part of him so that his higher consciousness becomes more powerful to guide his personality?


Evolution and Expansion of Consciousness is Essential for Everyone

As we are surrounded by many people in power who are currently not aligned, it is more important than ever before to come together and expand our personal vision and evolve spiritually.

When we create harmony within us and embody love, healing and abundance, our external universe reflects our inner transformation and life becomes magical. When you know your true self, you can shine your divine light. Your ego aligns with your soul. You create what you desire more easily.

Let us all have the audacity to dream bigger for our future.


Here are some action steps to manifest your ideal reality:

  • Write down your global vision

  • Each day, spend 10 minutes focusing on your vision. Imagine your perfect world – visualize it, feel it and notice it with all of your senses.


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