Renew Your Life’s Mission

Receive Inspiration & Guidance for Your Path Ahead

Mount Shasta is known to be a majestic and magical mountain for explorers of consciousness and spirituality. Standing at an elevation of 14,179 feet, it is the second highest peak in the Cascade Range extending from British Columbia in Canada to Northern California in the USA.

The energy this mountain radiates makes it easy to connect with your deepest essence and to remember your true purpose. People from all over the world visit the mountain each year to experience the energies of spiritual awakening and to begin the next phase of their lives.

The energy of Mount Shasta helps to ignite or renew your vision and gives you new inspiration for your path ahead.

The streams and waterfalls in the Mount Shasta region are known for their mystical and magical energies and connections to Elemental beings as well as higher dimensional cosmic energies.

You can enter the world of Mount Shasta with these 8 special audio and video soundtracks.

The nature tracks are encoded with:


The energies of Mount Shasta


The energies of special streams and waterfalls


Balancing the flow of the Elements


Deep cleansing and strengthening your heart


Renewing your vision and your life’s mission


Opening up a stronger flow of love, harmony, alignment and abundance

The Vision that Inspired the Launch of Life Harmonized

Many years ago, while visiting the Mount Shasta region, the clarity, inspiration and guidance to launch a global project came to me, which eventually led to the launch of Life Harmonized.

I was sitting on a rock in a stream in meditation. As the cold water, the mountain Qi and the Elemental energies were flowing toward me, it felt like they were flowing through me and every cell of my body received the energies. As I focused on my personal and global visions, the ideas to help restore inner and global harmony, connecting with cosmic energies, developing a global community, helping others to align with their higher vision and expansion of consciousness came to me as my next focus.

Over the next two years, I left the world of media and technology behind and focused on developing Holographic tools, consciousness programs, Holographic Feng Shui, how to harness and use the powers of the stars and more.

Hologram Encoded Experiential Audios and Videos

Recently I went back to the same areas and focused on the next phase of my journey.

As I explored the energies, I recorded audio tracks and captured some videos and encoded them to help cleanse your heart, align with your passion, strengthen your cosmic alignment, heal your past, receive inspiration, gain inner strength and connect with Mount Shasta and Nature energies.

We are about 70% (or according to some research more) water.  The encoded water and nature energies of the stream and waterfalls communicate directly to the water energy of your body and instruct to release, heal, receive and align.

As you experience the tracks, you become a part of the Mount Shasta region and step-by-step embody the changes that will help you to enhance your life.


Experience These Tracks From Mount Shasta:

Each track is recorded at a unique location to bring in and encode these special energies.

Track 1: Cleanse Your Heart

The Cleanse Your Heart MP3 track includes a recording at a stream in the Mount Shasta region. It incorporates the energies of Mount Shasta, mountain Qi, Nature, Earth, the air, the Sun and the stream carrying mountain water.

This track is encoded to help deep cleanse your heart.

  • Harmonize the flow of elements with the energy of the mountain stream
  • Allow gentle warm water energy to cleanse your heart and purify the energies of your cells
  • Let the Nature energy spiral through the deepest layers of your heart and help you deep cleanse your heart and all of your heart connections
  • Allow your heart to open up to new possibilities
  • Let go of the past and what did not work for you and attract a brighter future

Track 2: Strengthen Your Heart and Cleanse Your Timeline

The Strengthen Your Heart and Cleanse Your Timeline MP3 track includes the sounds of a stream with a strong current that includes the energies from Mount Shasta, Nature and the primary elements.

After heart cleansing, this track helps you to strengthen your heart and helps you to bring in a stronger flow of cosmic energies, love and support.

  • The holographic encoding helping your consciousness to scan and identify different lifetime/timeline connections that need healing
  • Allow the water, Mount Shasta Nature and the energies of Earth, Water, Fire and Air to help you obtain balance and heal at a deeper level
  • Allow your heart field to get stronger
  • Begin to attract more and more experiences that are of a higher vibration
  • Attract new possibilities for your path

Track 3: Open Your Heart to Receive

The Open Your Heart to Receive MP3 track includes a stream recording and holographic encoding in the Mount Shasta region. It incorporates the energies of Mount Shasta, mountain Qi, Nature, the primary elements (Earth, Air, Fire and Water), the rays of the Sun and the stream carrying mountain water.

After you cleanse and strengthen your heart, begin to receive and align with the energies of abundance, prosperity, harmony, joy and collaboration.

Receiving is where the majority of us have an issue.  We have been programmed with all kinds of judgments and non-beneficial justifications, fear, shame, guilt, lack and other energies.  Now it is time to diffuse these and open up new possibilities.

  • Receive from Nature
  • Receive from the Cosmos
  • Receive a stronger flow of love, joy, harmony and prosperity energies
  • Receive a stronger alignment with your Soul’s vision

Track 4: Embody Your Potential

The Embody Your Potential track includes the sound of a flowing stream becoming a waterfall. The energies of the waterfall, Nature, Mount Shasta and the surrounding area is encoded to give you a deep experience of step-by-step anchoring and embodying higher vibrational energies.

A very important step in the process of creation and manifestation is to align and embody with what you desire.  Unless you can embody the energies, manifestation does not happen or you cannot maintain that energy and it slips away.


  • Anchoring the energies of higher vibration, awakening and possibilities in your cells
  • Embodying the vibration of what you desire so these options can show up in your physical reality
  • Receiving solutions to challenges
  • Allowing a strong force of Mount Shasta, Nature and waterfall energies to diffuse your inner resistance
  • Embodying your Soul-vision and aligning with your higher cosmic purpose
  • Training yourself to manifest faster

Send Instructions to Your Cells and Subconscious When You Sleep

You can play the Journey with Mount Shasta audio tracks at night when you go to bed to connect with the healing energy of Nature, Mount Shasta, the streams and the waterfalls. Allow Holographic encoding and programming of the sounds to instruct your cells to release and detox non-beneficial energies and life events and embody a stronger flow of healing, love, harmony, prosperity and creative energies.

The Journey with Mount Shasta offers you 4 audio soundtracks and 4 videos.  These are not guided meditations – they are purely nature sounds and videos with Holographic encoding to expedite your success, inner transformation, inner healing and cosmic alignment.

You can experience all the benefits of these Holographic tracks in a state of complete relaxation and tranquility.


Hologram and Energy Encoded Nature Videos

These special videos are energized with Mount Shasta’s surrounding Nature, streams, waterfalls and the energies of the primary Elements – Earth, Air, Fire and Water.

On top of that, they are also encoded with a Holographic matrix and algorithms to help you release and transform limitations and attract and manifest solutions and possibilities.

They are short so that you can watch them and listen to the sounds multiple times throughout the day at your home or in office.

When you watch them, imagine sitting in front of the stream or standing in it.  Feel the warm energizing, cleansing, healing and transforming water and Nature energies from the Mount Shasta region spiraling through you, your cells and your reality.  Allow all the cleansing, healing and inner transformation to take place so that you can focus more on manifesting what you desire.

Allow the gentle warm spiraling water energies to deep cleanse your Chakras and Meridians too!

Give yourself a quick power boost with these videos on a daily basis as they are all under 5 minutes each.

Use headphones when you watch the videos for a deeper healing sound effect. You can play the short videos as many times as you want throughout the day.


Inner Strength and Confidence:

The Inner Strength and Confidence video includes small plants rising up in the powerful stream against the current. This video is encoded with Nature’s energy to help you rise above challenges and difficulties, stay grounded and focus on your mission.

As you watch the vegetation rising above challenges, become one with the energy in the video and regardless of what type of challenges are creating resistance for you – allow them to be dissolved by the energies of Mount Shasta, the streams, Nature and all the elements.

Align and Receive:

The Align and Receive video captures multiple large rocks in the stream. They have been programmed as gateways to help you receive. As you watch the water flow through different arrangements of rocks, open up your abilities to receive. Allow those gateways to represent energy and information coming into your life.

Picture yourself standing in the stream and allow yourself to receive a stronger flow of love, prosperity, harmony, joy and higher spiritual and cosmic connections through different gateways.


Align with Your Purpose:

The Align with Your Purpose video captures a powerful stream becoming narrow and focused – reshaped by the rocks and Nature. Allow focused cosmic energies to flow through your body and your being as you watch the power-stream.

As you experience this video, focus on filtering out all the chatter and non-beneficial thoughts, feelings, emotions and beliefs and simply focus on aligning with your higher vision and life-purpose.



Strengthen Your Cosmic Alignment:

Your body is mostly water. The Strengthen Your Cosmic Alignment video is encoded to run through your field as you watch the clip. Experience an energetic deep cleansing of your body and your Chakras and Meridians.

Open yourself up to receiving possibilities and solutions for your path. Receive guidance from the consciousness of Mount Shasta and surrounding Nature spirits.

Allow yourself to strengthen your cosmic alignment and unlock your global vision.

How Can You Use the Journey with Mount Shasta Series?


Deep cleanse your heart energy


Gain clarity about your mission and your vision


Open your heart to new possibilities


Absorb more creative energy in your life


Receive inspiration and guidance about your path ahead


Strengthen your cosmic connection


Play at low volume day or night and raise your vibration

Explore the Magic Mountain and surrounding Nature. Allow the forces of Nature to help you align with your higher vision. Receive more and embody your Soul-vision.

Are you ready to unlock the next phase of your life with Mount Shasta?