Your thoughts have power.

They can create success and prosperity or lack and limitation for you. It’s your choice which.


Learn to Focus Your Mind and Manifest Your Destiny.

It’s easier than you’d think to develop a focused mind that helps you to change the responses of your brain. Learn to eliminate responses that are no longer beneficial for you. Empower yourself to attract the life you desire.

For the first time ever, experience teachings, guidance, visuals, journeys and reality-bending holographic tools LIVE streaming to the comfort of your home.

This 2-day Mind Mastery event will enhance your foundation, transform and empower you to become a master manifestor and give you the tools to create your ideal reality.

Join us for Day 1: Build or Enhance Your Foundation

Whether you’re just beginning your journey or stretching beyond your current level of consciousness, Day 1 will guide you through laying a new foundation or enhancing your current one for faster manifesting.

Learn new techniques and processes to change your neural response to attract the results you desire.

Just like our in-person LIVE events, Mind Mastery will go beyond anything you’ve experienced before.


Create Your Priorities and Your Vision

Your class materials and the processes you go through will help you to define and create a list of your priorities. You will build on this during the Mind Mastery program, applying different techniques to help make your priorities and your vision a reality. Once you give yourself a direction, you can attract the flow of cosmic energies to achieve your priorities.


Experience a Powerful Brain Refreshing Technique to Get Results Faster

Your brain is a powerful super computer. It also works like a search engine. When you see something, your brain immediately retrieves all of the associated information around it. This is similar to typing in keywords on Google or Yahoo. You will learn how to use this to your advantage and feed your brain information about what you would love to manifest around money, love and romance, health and wellness, helping clients and those you care about, success and prosperity, your vision and anything else that you desire.

You can use the Brain Refreshing Technique anytime throughout the day and align with the results that you desire. This will also help you to imprint new belief systems more easily.


Transform Inner Lack and Limitations

Experience guided processes with Holographic Tools to release and transform the lack and limitations your brain (consciously or unconsciously) holds onto. Reconnect with a cosmic flow of abundance and prosperity to attract new options in your life.


Redirect Your Focus with Power Questions

Power Questions help you to quickly redirect your thoughts and feelings that are not beneficial or harmful, toward something that is empowering for you. Learn to ask simple Power Questions to immediately shift your perceptions and detach from non-beneficial or disempowering thoughts and feelings.


Signal the Universe and Receive Answers

You will learn and practice how to send a signal to the Universe, create vibrational alignment and receive what you would love to manifest in your life. As you practice signaling the Universe, you will learn to how to hold your vision and the results that you desire for a longer period of time. You will also create vibrational resonance with the energy of what you would like to manifest so that you can receive it faster.


Manifest with Vortex Energy

Learn about vortex energy. Setup abundance, love and healing vortex energies in your home and office to raise your vibration and align with creativity.


Synchronize the Left and Right Hemispheres of Your Brain

You will go through left and right hemisphere brain exercises to stimulate your neural network to program the results that you desire. As you use this simple and powerful step on a regular basis, you will reprogram your brain to send out signals of the results that you would love to attract.


The Power of Detachment – Attract without Resistance

Understand what detachment is and the importance of detachment and neutrality for manifestation. Learn how detachment helps you to attract without resistance.


Align Your Energy and Expand Your Senses

Experience guided processes to open up or expand your senses to notice more, see more, hear more, feel more, increase your intuition and tap into the energy of what you desire.


Vision Practice – Train Yourself to Broadcast

Learn a simple 10-minute process to focus on your priorities and your vision daily to create an inner transformation, which will help you to attract the life that you would love to experience.

Join us for Day 2: Dig Deeper; Reach Higher

The second day is designed to help you go deeper and step into a creation mode for success and prosperity. Master the art of constantly sending out empowering and beneficial signals from your brain to help you create the results that you are looking for in your life.


How Do Your Neurons Fire or Get Activated?

As you experience, think and feel, your neurons fire and connect with past experiences that shaped your world. Learn how to redirect the “firing of your neurons” to connect with what you desire. Allow your brain to broadcast your vision of abundance and prosperity.


Neural Network Reprogramming – Go Deeper

You will learn how to program your neural network and your neural responses. This way, you can manage the flow of energy and information and direct it to possibilities and options instead of roadblocks and detours.


Brain Transmission

Learn and practice neural network reprogramming to automatically have your brain broadcast the results that you would love to experience in your life – and then attract and manifest them.


Old Story Collector

You will experience the reprogramming of your childhood events that have limited your success using the holographic tool the Old Story Collector. You will experience deep processing that will help you resolve and dissolve these limiting childhood memories. You will then create new subconscious imprints of beliefs and empowering stories – removing limitations and connecting with unlimited possibilities.


Infinity Vision Waves

Learn to use Infinity Vision Waves to raise your vibration and maintain the energy and alignment to manifest quickly. It will help you to maintain your vibration and achieve tasks faster and with less conscious effort.


Holographic Vision Bubbles

Learn to create Holographic Vision Bubbles that will constantly send out signals to you, helping you manifest your goals and visions more quickly.


Infuse the Power of Cosmic Forces

Infuse cosmic energies into your goals and vision. As you explore high vibrational energy and consciousness, you will align yourself with your higher purpose and expedite your ability to manifest what you desire.

As you practice the steps and techniques, you will begin to send out signals that are empowering. You will also learn how to manifest quickly.

The Mind Mastery program is designed to help you over 2 days to rebuild your automatic neural response.

The 2 classes are filled with exercises and journeys/meditations to empower you for the success and prosperity that you desire.

Are you ready?


About Mashhur Anam

Mashhur Anam is an internationally known alchemist, speaker and the founder of Life Harmonized. He creates easy to use science-based transformational tools to help people access their personal power to manifest their desires and design their ideal lives.

Mashhur is guided by a belief and deep knowing that anything is possible. Over the years, curiosity, exploration and a desire to help humanity raise its collective consciousness has guided him to explore the holographic nature of our universe and uncover a multitude of algorithms and equations that create and design our reality as we know it.

He brings these tools to people and companies from all over the world in a way that is understandable and easy-to-apply. He uses his advanced understanding of holographic technology to help you become the Architect of your own desired reality.

Although these tools and programs are complex in nature, Mashhur’s programs allow anyone from any background to incorporate them into their daily lives.

He founded Life Harmonized so that all people could access these powerful technologies to raise the consciousness and vibration of the world. He and his team of fellow manifestors, dreamers and reality-benders love to serve their clients in achieving their desires.