Holographic Vision Board

Holographic Vision Board

The Holographic Vision Board is a multi-dimensional interface where you enter your goals and visions. The Holographic Vision Board extracts the information, transforms energy and provides a new solution matrix that is assigned to you.

  • The Holographic Vision Board is fluidic in nature with bright light and golden grids, always moving with rhythm, like a fabric floating on air, pulsating and sending out solution matrix to the users.
  • It takes your inputs, defined parameters and objectives for the goals and visions that you want to accomplish.
  • Then, the Holographic Vision Board analyzes the current patterns and the relationship between you and your goals to generate options that are in harmony with your life purpose.
  • The Holographic Vision Board then helps to disconnect you from the morphic fields or group consciousness that are not beneficial or harmful for you.
  • It then connects you with morphic fields that are higher in vibration and are in alignment with you and your goals for the highest good.
  • The Holographic Vision Board then runs a transformative algorithm to produce options that are most in harmony with your goals. The solutions are then integrated with your personal energy field for manifestation.

You will receive an audio recording and a PDF document with a detailed description of the process and how to use the Holographic Vision Board.


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