The Rings of Harmony

The Rings of Harmony

The Rings of Harmony is one of the most powerful tools available on the planet to deep cleanse, release and resolve issues, raise your vibration and create harmony in your life. This is a multi-dimensional tool that can simultaneously work on different timelines and lifetimes. The Rings of Harmony can be used for people, companies, locations, marketing materials, logos, food and all other objects.

The Rings of Harmony are a set of 7 rings that come down around the energy field of a person, product, home, or object when they are activated or called. Each ring has different symbols, sacred geometry, cosmic frequencies, transformational algorithms and other markings on them. The rings rotate and align different symbols to release and resolve various issues and allow new solutions to come in.

  • The Rings of Harmony neutralizes and extracts harmful cord connections from people and companies.
  • Raises the vibration of personal energy fields, homes, products, food and more.
  • Can be used to easily and effortlessly resolve issues and disharmony among people and companies.
  • Can be used for different timelines or lifetimes simultaneously to resolve issues and create harmony.
  • Use the Rings of Harmony to resolve issues between you and your goals to achieve them more quickly.

You will receive a PDF guide and one MP3 audio for installation, activation and processing.


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What people are saying...

Using rings of harmony around my son and his chosen college worked miraculously. He got accepted into Wharton business school (U-Penn) in the dual degree program. U-Penn accepts only 20 people every year into this program. ~ Olena, USA

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