2 Free Gifts

2 Free Gifts

The Secret to Achieving What You Want Isn’t a Secret.

Interrupt the patterns that may be holding you back from your goals by joining our community today.

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Gift #1. Monthly Abundance Call Accomplish your goals using our technology and programs, only available to our community

Gift #2. The Harmonic Shield Our most popular tool that allows you to create a safe, sacred space around you so that you become a magnet for attracting what you want

Tools and Programs that Help You Manifest Your Ideal Life

Would you like to change your core patterns to create different results for yourself and your every day life?

Would you like to bend reality in your favor and manifest your life’s desires?

Our innovative programs will help you do both and are only found at Life Harmonized.

What would you like to manifest today?

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Free Gift #1: Monthly Abundance Call
Bring your goals and visions to this free monthly call and together we will journey into multidimensional space-time and transform patterns to accomplish your goals by using holographic tools and programs. Raise your abundance threshold to receive more.
  • Raise your abundance threshold to receive more.
  • Learn a step-by-step process to detach from what is not working in your life
  • Focus on a single question to shift your awareness and move into creation energy
  • Create a vortex of abundance energy and raise your abundance threshold
  • Learn to send out the vibration of your desires to attract them in your life

Join us every first working weekday of the month for this powerful experiential class. Create abundance, help your loved ones and create success for yourself and help others to do the same.

Free Gift #2: The Harmonic Shield
Can you take 3 seconds each morning to activate a powerful vortex of energy for yourself?
The purpose of using The Harmonic Shield is to create and maintain a sacred, powerful and safe space in and around you.
The space inside The Harmonic Shield is pure. The light vibration and sacred geometry constructing the shield are from the highest light of love, joy, harmony, truth, healing and abundance. The Harmonic Shield is programmed so that external negativity or anything that is not for your highest good cannot come through. In the same way, you do not send out anything through the shield that is not for the highest benefit of all.
The Harmonic Shield helps keep you aligned with and connected to the cosmic energy while grounding you to the planet. Interacting with the shield helps you to personalize it for your energy field and increases your understanding of the energy and information flow.
As your vibration increases, the light of the shield also increases, creating a stronger flow of cosmic energy and information through you. This enables you to continuously hold a high state of consciousness and further increase your vibration and alignment. You will attract more love, joy, harmony, abundance, and collaboration.
The layers of this shield are formed using the Fibonacci Sequence and the Golden Ratio. As you use The Harmonic Shield, you can align with a feeling of peace, harmony and neutrality regardless of external circumstances.
*And those that are in our community will tell you, there are A LOT of other freebies we send out regularly, so you can expect even more goodies to come your way!

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The Secret to Achieving What You Want Isn’t a Secret.

Subscribe Today and Receive 2 Free Gifts.
1. Monthly Abundance Call: Join Our Community and Accomplish Your Goals.
2. The Harmonic Shield: Create a Safe, Sacred Space to Attract what you want.