Reshape Your Health

Reshape Your Health
  • Are you ready to heal your relationship with your body and reshape it?
  • Do you know that your words, your thoughts, your feelings and how you look at your body can create resistance and stop you from releasing extra weight?
  • Are you using empowering words and feelings to broadcast your vision of ideal health?
  • Do you know that thinking of losing weight can trigger a defensive response from your body and that this prevents the majority of people from being able to reshape their body?

Discover the path of maximum harmony for your body

The Reshape Your Health program is designed for you to:

  • Activate a process called “Dream State Sequence Activation” that helps you to achieve your ideal weight and body shape. This process works when you sleep at night.
  • Experience a new Holographic Program for transforming the shape of your body. It works by helping you release non-beneficial extra weight in the form of sound waves.
  • Create harmony for your emotional health and release any extra burden from your energy field
  • Reprogram your mind and your belief systems about health and let go of old attachments that prevent you from achieving your ideal health, weight and body shape
  • Deep cleanse your energy field and transform the energy of fear into joy to reshape your physical body
  • Allow love to enter each cell of your body to begin your healing process
  • Detach from external judgment about what you should look like and learn to focus on what your body really wants
  • Utilize the energy of the Himalayan subtropical pine forest to restore youth and vitality and maintain a healthy body
  • Love your body and gradually change your eating habits to support your body
  • Enjoy having more energy and taking physical action to create your ideal healthy life

Let me tell you how all of this works to get you to Reshape Your Health and Weight:

A Dream State Sequence Activation for Ideal Weight

What is a Dream State Sequence Activation? Dream state healing and learning has been practiced in many ancient cultures. Based on ancient sacred principles, Dream State Sequence technology has been developed to help people transform patterns that are not beneficial or harmful into patterns that would allow people to achieve their goals faster. A Dream State Sequence consists of a series of letters and numbers. Each is encoded with a series of information to achieve your goals. The Dream State Sequence gets activated when you read the activation command and the letters and numbers three times before going to bed. Your subconscious mind receives a set of instructions to transform old non-beneficial patterns into your desired outcome. Each time you run the process, you begin to integrate new information that is beneficial for your path and purpose. You may experience interesting dreams while your subconscious processes the Dream State Sequence. Even if you do not remember your dreams, you will receive all the benefits. The processing is not dependent on you remembering your dreams. By using a Dream State Activation Sequence, you can allow your subconscious to process your goals and visions while you sleep. Often this process is very powerful as your conscious mind does not have an opportunity to interfere.

Built-in instructions for the Dream State Sequence Activation for Reshape Your Health:

  • Analyzes current state of health
  • Analyzes eating habits
  • Analyzes body shape
  • Processes your body shape and ideal weight goals
  • Communicates with your cells and your subconscious to help you change – your eating habits, love your body now and release energy stored in your – physical body as extra weight
  • Helps you to tune-in to your body for its needs
  • Helps you to raise your threshold to maintain a healthy state of being

You will receive a PDF Guide with instructions on how to use this Dream State Sequence.

A New Holographic Program to Help You Reshape Your Body

A new Holographic Program has been developed for this class to help you reshape your body and achieve your ideal weight. The program will be installed and activated as  you listen to Part 1 of the program and the PDF Guide will help you understand how to efficiently use this new Holographic Program. The intentions of the program:

  • Analyzes the current shape of your body
  • Processes your body shape and ideal weight goals
  • Generates a gentle spiraling vortex for your personal energy field
  • Helps to isolate areas that are storing extra energy as weight
  • Scans for connections to traumas and beliefs that prevent you from transforming your body and achieving your ideal weight
  • Applies a sound harmonics matrix (not audible background sound) encoded in the program to help you gradually release non-beneficial extra weight as sound waves


Guided Meditation and Processing

You will experience powerful guided journeys to work with the rain forests, healing energy from the earth and the sun and restoration and rejuvenation energies from the star Maia. The star Maia, in the Taurus Constellation, has very powerful energy for healing, youth, vitality, restoration and rejuvenation. Learn to absorb healing energy into your cells to maintain health and wellness.

You will also work with the energy of the Himalayan mountain range and the water, minerals and Himalayan salt matrices that contain the energy of vitality, purity and balance for you. You will be introduced to your health guide (similar to your personal guides or your time-guide if you have been a part of the Antares B class) to learn more about health and to maintain a healthy lifestyle. You can develop your skills by practicing. 


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What people are saying...

I have felt lighter, have more energy, my body is excited to work out in a way I have never felt before. In less than two months I released all the weight I had gained when I recently broke a bone and wasn’t able to workout for many months. I have been eating less and my body has been craving healthier, fresher foods. Feeling more rested even with less sleep. ~ Kristine, Washington, United States
I've noticed that every morning I feel lighter in my body, my stomach is flatter and I am starting to release extra weight! I've also noticed I am asking and following what my body needs for maximum harmony including what foods to eat, sleeping more (going to bed earlier instead of overriding my body's signals to go to bed, also sleeping in longer), exercising pretty much daily (which is new) and just giving my body more love and attention in general. My skin also looks healthier and I was guided to start using virgin coconut oil on my face and my wrinkles are smoothing out quite nicely. Looking and feeling younger every day. ~ Karolyn, Washington, United States
What it has done for me is allowed me to be more at ease and comfortable with a new possibility. Before when I would think about a number (ideal weight) that is lower than my usual, I would instantly dismiss it knowing that in the past...if I had ever even gotten close to that number I would instantly panic and sabotage myself somehow by over eating! Now as I fill in the blank with a number (my ideal weight) that I have set as a target, it feels natural and 'of course'! I have released 3 lbs and use the programs every night. I do not think twice when I see the weight dropping and have no worries either way. Feeling totally secure in creating this fun type of change!! ~ Sarah, Wisconsin, United States

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