Reshape Your Universe with Fomalhaut

Discover the New Rules of Reality:
Reshape Your Universe with Royal Star Fomalhaut

The foundation of ideas and perceptions that govern you were created during your childhood based on how others influenced you and what you concluded as a result.

Over time you built upon it, adding layer after layer – constructing skyscrapers in your mind on the foundation of your beliefs and the perception of your reality.

These foundations of faith, beliefs, and systems can seem set in concrete in your mind and in your heart. You may have noticed that even when you take actions to make major changes in your life, somehow the old systems and repeating patterns come back to create and recreate your reality over and over again.

It may feel like there is no escape, as if it is your “destiny.” Even though it can create a sense of temporary satisfaction to assign your circumstances to a higher authority, deep inside you know that you are capable of so much more and your destiny is what you make it.

Break it Down to Build it Up

These old systems, structures and models of reality are not working for the “new earth” that you keep hearing about. With the evolution of the human mind and expansion of consciousness, you also need a new model of reality. It isn’t enough to simply make changes to the old one.

The truth is that the skyscrapers you’ve built on old foundations using old tools and outdated models actually need to be demolished to their very foundations and the space used to build something new before anything can truly change for you and for the world.

Why? Because the new systems and models that work now are so different and advanced that the old structures simply cannot handle them.

Imagine taking a flip cell phone from 2002 and expecting to convert it into a modern touch screen smart phone. No matter how much you add to and refashion it, the outdated problems inherent in the 2002 version will keep reasserting themselves and stopping your progress.

You need a new foundation.

The Rules of Reality are Changing Rapidly

So, how do you build a new foundation when you’ve only ever experienced the old?

The rules of reality are changing rapidly. We can no longer rely on old principles that worked for previous generations.

Your new foundation comes from stepping into your mind-body-spiritual alignment, finding out what you really resonate with, discovering your hidden gifts and talents, and then acting on them to design your own reality.

With all the energetic changes that are happening globally, unless you are passionate about a vision or a purpose it is easy to get distracted and getting what you want can seem impossible.

A New Way to Design Reality – Bridging Science, Technology and Spirituality with Cosmic Forces

In today’s world, while you develop skills to perform tasks and have a career, you also need to align with your higher vision and soul-purpose. The wisdom of the stars provides valuable insight into areas of our life that you may not be able to see with ordinary 3-dimensional models of perception.

When you tune into the energy matrix of a star to shift patterns energetically in the Cosmic World and receive guidance from the stars for your next step, the results often show up immediately in your waking life.

Manifesting from these spaces is much more powerful than manifesting from “regular” life. By using the holographic tools and programs to work with the Cosmic World, you can create transformation in your life with speed and ease due to being outside of duality and the 3-dimensional time-space continuum.

Earth is receiving a new information matrix from the Royal Star Fomalhaut to breakdown and transform many non-functional systems and models. Humanity is also going through a deep cleansing and releasing process. Tapping into this matrix will allow you to demolish your old skyscraper and build a new one that serves your higher purpose and allows for the change you want to see in your life.

Harness the Energy of the Stars to Design Your Reality

From ancient spiritual teachings to NASA’s scientific discoveries – we know that we are made of stardust and we come from the stars. Just as different fruits and vegetables provide different beneficial nutrition, different stars hold energy that can help you heal, transform limitations, align with your higher purpose and unlock magic and miracles in your life.

What and Where is Fomalhaut?

Reshape Your Universe with Royal Star FomalhautFomalhaut (also known as Alpha Piscis Austrini) is the brightest star in the constellation Piscis Austrinus in the southern hemisphere and one of the brightest stars in the sky.

Fomalhaut is considered as one of the 4 Royal Stars, and many civilizations have considered the star as one of the guardian stars of the sky and watchers of earth.

By harnessing the energy of Fomalhaut, you can expedite your spiritual journey into a multidimensional cosmic environment, restructure your beliefs, change old models of reality and design a life that you desire. Your personal transformation fuels humanity’s transformation to peace, fulfillment and higher consciousness.

How Can Fomalhaut Help You to Create a New Model of Reality?

Each star holds a unique matrix of information that can be used in different ways. The Royal Star Fomalhaut holds a very powerful matrix of energy and information that can easily breakdown existing structures, systems and models to rebuild new systems that are essential and beneficial for the modern time.

Fomalhaut’s energy is not only about transformation, this particular Royal Star has the ability to help you completely rewrite your foundation and how you perceive information.

Fomalhaut’s matrix helps you to restructure, reconfigure, redefine and repurpose the flow of energy and information.

Fomalhaut’s transformation templates help you to break down systems that are not working and transform them into new structures that support much higher dimensional vibration.

Introducing the Reshape Your Universe with Fomalhaut Series

The Reshape Your Universe with Fomalhaut series is designed to help you rapidly breakthrough your outdated model of reality and belief matrix, redefine a new way of living, enhance your perception of reality, have a very deep level of personal and inner transformation and create a stronger spiritual alignment.

As you use the series to create significant inner shifts, you can also help to bring in new and more functional higher vibrational and collaborative models globally for education, politics, natural and healthy living, companies and organizations, and eco-friendly technology and solutions.

Your shifts allow the whole of humanity to move toward a higher heart-based standard of living.

With the Program, You Will Receive

The Reshape Your Universe with Fomalhaut series includes 6 powerful items to help you rediscover your power and restructure your universe on your terms.

Five MP3 Recordings

These guided meditations, journeys, processes, and integrations will help you integrate the powerful energy matrix of the Royal Star Fomalhaut. You will be able to transform your old foundation built on information and perceptions that are no longer valid for your higher vision, purpose, and the reality you want to manifest.

Your PDF Guide

You will also receive a PDF guide with details about the Reshape Your Universe program, how to go deeper and how to work with this powerful Royal Star to create rapid changes step-by-step.


Reshape Your Universe with Royal Star Fomalhaut
Retail Value of the Entire toolkit:  $697
Special Offer – Buy Now for Only:  $148


Explore Your Journey

Track 1: Fomalhaut Matrix Integration – Create Your Foundation with a Royal Star

Reshape Your Universe with Royal Star FomalhautThe Fomalhaut Matrix Integration track gives you a solid foundation to explore the information and energy matrix of this Royal Star. You will go through a process of integrating the Royal Star matrix and anchor the energy in your body and your energy centers.

You also integrate Fomalhaut’s Transformation Template and Reconfiguration Template. These are a set of specified instructions for your consciousness to learn how to use Fomalhaut’s energy to rapidly breakdown old, outdated, limiting, and harmful structures, systems, and models that are a part of you. Then you can restructure your perception and beliefs and redefine new ways of doing things for faster and easier manifestation and more joyful ways of living.

Once you rewrite your foundation with Fomalhaut and rise above your current perception of reality, you can manifest more easily and create new systems for yourself that will empower you.

You can also focus on global changes and enhancements by working and collaborating with Fomalhaut.


Track 2: Personal Transformation – Uncover Your True Nature

Reshape Your Universe with Royal Star FomalhautThe Personal Transformation with Fomalhaut track helps you continue your journey into self-mastery and self-discovery. The Royal Star Fomalhaut, considered a guardian in the sky, has guided humanity and civilizations from all over the world.

Journey into the cosmos with Fomalhaut. Unlock your own mystery. Uncover your true Divine nature. As you explore this particular track on a regular basis, you can shift your perceptions of reality and design your universe on your own terms.

Unifying with the power and glory of Fomalhaut can help you uncover and expand your higher vision and purpose more easily to create a stronger spiritual alignment. With this, you can more easily expand your global vision and create your reality based on your own rules.


Track 3: Restructure and Reshape Your Beliefs – A Journey into Unlocking Your Subconscious Perception

Reshape Your Universe with Royal Star FomalhautThe Restructure and Reshape Your Beliefs track is designed to take you on a deep stellar journey and deep into your subconscious. As you create a link between going deeper into Fomalhaut and your subconscious, you will experience processes that will help you to identify and isolate old models, belief matrices and other limitations that you are holding onto at a subconscious level.

You will experience specific guided questions while your subconscious and the Fomalhaut matrix are linked to help you consciously and unconsciously identify what needs to change.

As you breakdown the old structures and rebuild new ones with Fomalhaut’s Reconfiguration Template, you can install new habits, empowering beliefs and specify your ideas, goals, visions and desires. Each time you listen, work with 1 particular belief or perception that you held true.

As you explore the processes, you will journey into your childhood and change your perceptions based on false conclusions that are holding you back. You can use the track multiple times on the same priority to go deeper into the root cause of events and situations to completely restructure them to attract success and maintain it.

As you breakdown and transform the old models and create new ones with the foundation of Fomalhaut, you can build your life, vision or company on concrete instead of sinking sand.


Track 4: Vision Vortex with Fomalhaut – A New Way to Manifest Your Desires

Reshape Your Universe with Royal Star FomalhautThe Vision Vortex with Fomalhaut track is specially designed to help you manifest your deep desires as you begin to demolish your old limitations and limited perceptions.

By working with the Royal Star, you can step into the royalty-mindset of creating what you desire.

As you explore creating your Vision Vortex with Fomalhaut, you will learn through guided processes to create a vortex of thoughts, a vortex of feelings, and a vortex of your ultimate life. You will run processes to merge them with Fomalhaut’s vortex energy to expand your own potential.

You will learn how to create a heart-mind vortex with Fomalhaut’s energy matrix. As you explore creating your vision, the Fomalhaut’s Transformation and Reconfiguration templates will work for you in the background, helping you to dismantle the outdated information so you can create this new reality faster.

By exploring the process of Vision Vortex with Fomalhaut, you can reshape your universe to create what you desire.


Track 5: Design A New World with Fomalhaut – What is Your Global Vision

Reshape Your Universe with Royal Star FomalhautThe Design A New World with Fomalhaut track is designed to help you expand your personal vision and go more global.

As you have access to the global Transformation and Reconfiguration Templates of the Royal Star Fomalhaut, why not restructure global systems and models that are outdated and simply do not support our vision of a new world where we create, collaborate, live in harmony, focus on environmentally friendly products, services, and technology?

As you explore Designing A New World with Fomalhaut, you will focus on using the energy and Transformation and Reconfiguration Templates to help restructure and bring in higher vibrational and heart-centered solutions for:

  • Global financial organizations
  • Medical, pharmaceutical and health & wellness industries
  • Governments and politics around the planet
  • Faiths, religious and spiritual organizations
  • The environment for clean air, water and earth

As you, with many others around the planet, take responsibility to help create global changes by exploring the processes in Designing A New World with Fomalhaut, you will notice that you will empower people, companies, and initiatives globally. Your focus and tasks will help to create eco-friendly tools and technology.

As you design the global hologram to create more collaboration and harmony, you will empower humanity and all life on earth.



Reshape Your Universe with Royal Star Fomalhaut
Retail Value of the Entire toolkit:  $697
Special Offer – Buy Now for Only:  $148

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Mashhur-Anam-Web-188portMashhur Anam is an internationally known alchemist, speaker and the founder of Life Harmonized. He creates easy to use science-based transformational tools to help people access their personal power to manifest their desires and design their ideal lives.

Mashhur is guided by a belief and deep knowing that anything is possible. Over the years, curiosity, exploration and a desire to help humanity raise its collective consciousness has guided him to explore the holographic nature of our universe and uncover a multitude of algorithms and equations that create and design our reality as we know it.

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