Magic is a Cosmic Force
to Design Your Reality

Play in the realm of pure magic with childlike curiosity

Dissolve illusion, fear and manipulation that prevent you from experiencing true Magic in your life

Explore Magic as the energy of Divine Science for creation

What is True Magic?

“When I initially began to talk about holograms, consciousness, Spiritual Alchemy, creation and magic, I had to first help many participants detach from the concepts of illusion, manipulation, rituals, spells and other things that you see often on TV or read about in books.

You may also immediately think about terms that have been used throughout history to talk about how magic is “bad” as people have abused their power to take advantage of others. This is not magic – this is manipulation and there is a HUGE difference.”

“We do not look at or connect with any of those energies when we talk about magic here at Life Harmonized. When you notice the usage of magic in my teachings, guidance or journeys, I am always referring to the highest level of Divine Creation and often a mysterious Cosmic Force and science that we, from this level of consciousness, often do not understand.”

~ Mashhur Anam, Founder of Life Harmonized

So what is Magic?

Magic is the power of Divine Science

Magic and Miracles are a part of the Universe

Life itself is magical

Magic is a force of creation and Magic is connected to the energies of childlike wonder and curiosity

Magic is purity at the highest level of consciousness
that we can imagine

So let’s change your focus to bring in all of these energies through Divine Science – Magic!


Magic is Not Illusion

You have seen magicians performing tricks and the association of illusion with Magic. This is not Magic. The purity of Divine Magic has nothing to do with sleight of hand or misdirection. Instead, it is a mysterious cosmic force of creation.

Restore Your Inner Magic to rise above illusion and align with the cosmic force of creation.


Magic is Not Manipulation

All over the world today we see people misusing their power to manipulate others. The purity of Divine Magic is in no way associated with the energies of manipulation. It’s quite the opposite. True Magic brings Divine order to chaos.

Restore Your Inner Magic to bring order to chaos.


Magic is the Divine Science of Creation

The power of True Magic is in creation. In most religions and spiritual teachings, there is a reference to “creation of the heavens and the Earth from nothing”, “creation of all that exists from the void”, “speaking things into existence”, “creating light out of nothing”, “creating from the mind”, “creating with thoughts” and more.

These are actually references to the Magic of creation – it is Divine Science.

From our current level of consciousness, we may not understand how the Divine Science of Magic works and creates. Through the ages, the knowledge about Magic as the Divine Science of creation was lost and Magic became associated with fear.

Restore Your Inner Magic to detach from fear and align with the Divine Science of creation.


Magic is Divine Purity

Magic has nothing to do with “the power of the dark side” as Star Wars puts it. In the purest form of Magic, there is no fear. True Magic is Divine purity. It will make you feel great and empowered. Magic brings in the flow of childlike faith and curiosity to align with joy and celebration.

Unlock Your Inner Magic to increase the flow of Divine purity in your life.

A Brand New Holographic Program

Restore Your Inner Magic

Increase the flow of Magic in your life. Live it. Breathe it. Create from it. Harness the power of creation and wonder from the Super-Vortex of Magic. Help yourself. Help your family, friends and loved ones. Help the planet.

Let’s go beyond the limitations and restrictions of the physical world and traditional teachings.


What if you can look at Magic as a new element from a higher dimension?


What if the flow of Magic and miracles became normal in your everyday life?


How would your reality change if you could absorb the energies of Magic with every breath?


What if you could infuse the flow of Magic with your focus and change reality?

Shift your awareness to look at Magic with a new level of awareness
and experience a flow of Magical energies in your life.

To help you Restore Your Inner Magic, a brand new Holographic program has been developed for you. You can use the Restore Your Inner Magic program with an activation command and tune into the Super-Vortex of Magic, a Divine force of creation.

As you begin to use the Holographic program Restore Your Inner Magic, you will give your body, your energy field and your consciousness a tune-up to open up to receiving the cosmic force of Divine Magic in your everyday life.

Magic is simply science that we don’t yet fully understand. As you raise your vibration and expand your consciousness, new and enhanced science and technology will be a part of your everyday life.

The Holographic program will also help you dissolve the energies of illusion, manipulation and forces that prevent you from attracting and experiencing True Magic in your life.

The Holographic program Restore Your Inner Magic allows you to bring in that vibration now so that you can begin to operate from a state of Magic consciousness, enhance your life and help create rapid transformation on the planet.

In this Holographic Program, you will discover:


Magic and Miracles as a Way of Being

The Holographic program to Restore Your Inner Magic is designed to help you rewrite the flow of your inner Magic step-by-step. It helps you to step into a new world of “illogical options”, new ways of doing things, attracting solutions from a higher dimensional vibration and integrate a stronger flow of Magic and Miracles in your life.

As you make Magic a part of your daily life, you will begin to change your perception about the world and the Universe. You will also initiate a process to bring back a stronger flow of Magic and Miracles on the planet.


Magic as a Substance for Creation

As you explore the Magic program and begin to integrate it more and more, you will notice that things magically show up for you. Options that are not supposed to work somehow work out for you. New opportunities come out of roadblocks. The possibilities are endless.

All you need is childlike curiosity and playtime to open yourself up more to Magic and Miracles through this program.


The Magic Super-Vortex

What is a Magic Super-Vortex? The Holographic program Restore Your Inner Magic helps you to connect with a Magic Super-Vortex. It is a very strong vortex of higher dimensional energy, math, algorithms, symbols and information around the flow of Divine Magic that is found throughout this Universe.

The Magic Super-Vortex is your connection or gateway to access a stronger flow of Divine or Cosmic Magic. As you connect with it on a regular basis, you can begin to access more magical energies for creation and manifestation. Allow Magic and Miracles to be a part of your daily life.


How to Create from Mind Magic and Heart Magic

As you explore the Magic Super-Vortex and give yourself a new attunement, you can step into the power of Magic and bring it into your heart and mind for conscious creation.

Make Magic a part of your daily life. Explore the purity of Magic. Help bring order to chaos. Make your life more beautiful. Embody a stronger flow of cosmic Magic and help make the Earth more Magical too.

What is Included?

MP3 Audio:

The Holographic program Restore Your Inner Magic comes with an installation and activation MP3 track that gives you access to calling in and using the Holographic program with an activation command.

MP3 Audio:

You will also receive a Magic Super-Vortex journey (MP3) to integrate, attract and embody a stronger flow of cosmic Magic in your life. You can use it as a meditation or play it in the background or while you sleep to make Magic and Miracles a bigger part of your life.


In addition, you will receive a PDF guide to help you understand how to use the Holographic program in more detail.

Why is it Necessary to Bring More Magic & Miracles Into Your Life Now?

As you begin to open up a stronger flow of Magic and Miracles in your life, you will create a ripple effect on the collective consciousness and help humanity to tune into a stronger flow of the energies of higher vibrational Magic and Miracles.


Help humanity rise above the fear of Magic and allow Divine purity instead


Dissolve the energies of “the Dark Side” that Star Wars refers to regarding manipulation energies


As you use the Holographic program regularly and tune into the Magic Super-Vortex, you will help the expansion of collective consciousness

Humanity needs your help. Earth needs your help. And certainly you can use some extra Magic and Miracles in your own life.

Let’s choose to play in the field of Divine Magic with childlike curiosity and make the world magical again.

Are you ready to Restore Your Inner Magic?


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About Mashhur Anam

Mashhur Anam is an internationally known alchemist, speaker and the founder of Life Harmonized. He creates easy to use science-based transformational tools to help people access their personal power to manifest their desires and design their ideal lives. Curiosity, exploration and a desire to help humanity raise its collective consciousness has guided him to explore the holographic nature of our universe and uncover a multitude of algorithms and equations that create and design our reality as we know it. He brings these tools to people and companies from all over the world in a way that is understandable and easy-to-apply. He uses his advanced understanding of holographic technology to help you become the Architect of your own desired reality.