You are MORE than you think.

Harness the power of the stars to unlock your hidden potential

This powerful FREE, transformational call will help you dissolve fear and attract more magic in your life. Learn how to write your own destiny.

Spiritual Alchemy™ is more than a mediation – it is a process for self-mastery and self-discovery.

When you create harmony within and embody love, healing, and abundance, your external universe reflects that and life becomes magical.


“I have been exploring the stars in my consciousness since I was little. My background is in technology and computer science. After I first released my holographic tools publicly, I focused more on the stars and helping tens of thousands around the planet to learn how to use the power of the stars to heal, transform and manifest.” ~ Mashhur Anam

Grow spiritually and experience more love and inner healing.

Wherever you are on your journey toward a higher consciousness and deeper experience of spirituality,
you have the unlimited potential to grow.

If your journey to live a life of passion and purpose has just begun, the Spiritual Alchemy – Evolution will bring you clarity and direction as you take your first steps to attract solutions and abundance in your life.

If you are in the process of transitioning your life and career and wondering what’s next and how you can manifest your ideal life, learn how to harness energy from the stars to create a life of purpose with love and joy.

If you are already aligned with your higher purpose, you can expand your awareness even more, explore the stellar matrix, and go deeper into creating faster solutions to help design a new reality for yourself and for the world.

Awaken to your part in the global energetic shift.

Spiritual Alchemy - Awakening - Mashhur Anam,

Understand why so many people (possibly including you) are experiencing sudden challenges, questioning their path, looking to be fulfilled in life, and wanting to change their career and lifestyle

Learn how to attract solutions faster and rise above challenges by aligning yourself with the cosmic flow. There is a global energetic shift affecting you, but with alignment comes the ability to flow with it rather than work against it

Experience integration of energy from some of the stars for healing, creation and abundance during the class

Learn how to go deeper, explore possibilities and unlock your hidden potentials

Come on this journey with me, and I’ll show you how.

During the call you will receive creative ideas and proven techniques you can use on your own, along with experiencing guided processes to:

Begin to pull out your trapped inner wishes and visions for your life and manifest them to live a life of passion and purpose – no matter where you are on your journey

Discover how you can take simple daily steps to rise above challenges and create a life that you desire

Harness the power of the stars to unlock your hidden gifts and talents

Spiritual Alchemy - Awakening - Mashhur Anam,

Begin to change what is not working and consciously choose to design an enhanced life

Experience a cosmic journey to step into your alignment and create your path of maximum harmony and abundance

You know that you are so much more. You know your potential is unlimited. Learn to unlock it, harness it, and change the world…starting with yours.

BONUS Specially Encoded Images to Tap Into Cosmic Energies

Just for signing up for the free Spiritual Alchemy – Evolution preview call, you will also receive specially encoded images that will help you tap into cosmic energies for aligning with your soul’s purpose and manifesting your vision . You can download and use these images on your phone, computer or print them out and visually receive cosmic energy from the stars.

About your facilitator:


Mashhur Anam is an internationally known alchemist, speaker and the founder of Life Harmonized. He creates easy to use science-based transformational tools to help people access their personal power to manifest their desires and design their ideal lives. Curiosity, exploration and a desire to help humanity raise its collective consciousness has guided him to explore the holographic nature of our universe and uncover a multitude of algorithms and equations that create and design our reality as we know it. He brings these tools to people and companies from all over the world in a way that is understandable and easy-to-apply. He uses his advanced understanding of holographic technology to help you become the Architect of your own desired reality.