Spiritual Alchemy™ – Evolution

Science and Technology Meet Spirituality

Science, technology and spirituality are not separate. They are all connected. When we merge them and allow a stronger flow of cosmic energy through us, our journey takes us toward an evolution of consciousness and life.

From ancient spiritual teachings to NASA’s scientific discoveries – we know that we are made of stardust and we come from the stars. Just as different fruits and vegetables provide different beneficial nutrition, different stars hold energy that can help you heal, transform limitations, align with your higher purpose, and unlock magic and miracles in your life.

Spiritual Alchemy™ is an experiential learning event where you will discover how to harness the power of the stars. The stars will empower you to transform who you are and help you to design and manifest the life you desire.

Spiritual Alchemy is a process for self-mastery and self-discovery.

One of the extraordinary advantages of this class is beginning a process to heal your soul’s journey and awaken your stellar imprints. Whether you’re just beginning your journey into spirituality or you’ve been on your path for years, Spiritual Alchemy will show you how to find the peace and clarity to create your ideal life – the tools will meet you where you are and help you access the transformational power already within you.

Both the power to transform and the roadblocks keeping you from your ideal life are within you.

It’s your choice which will receive your energy.


During Spiritual Alchemy – Evolution, You Will:

  • Take your practice of meditations and journeys with the stars to a higher level that few have accessed before
  • Enhance your skills to change and design realities for yourself and help others in your life, including your clients
  • Learn to harness the energies from the stars and nebulas for creation, transformation and manifestation
  • Experience inner peace, bliss, joy and alignment in your life
  • spiritualalchemy2016iconIntegrate the energy matrix from the stars, Earth, nebulas, constellations and/or other cosmic bodies for your rapid transformation and personal evolution
  • Form or enhance your connections with your inner and cosmic guides to receive messages and beneficial information to help yourself and your clients
  • As you integrate the new energy matrices, focus on abundance, success and prosperity in a more multi-dimensional way
  • Rise above everyday challenges and allow solutions to flow through you easily
  • Anchor higher vibrational energies for yourself, for humanity and for Earth to expedite the evolution of consciousness on the planet
  • Allow your hidden or suppressed gifts and talents to surface as you explore
  • Integrate powerful 5th dimensional templates for maintaining a higher vibration
  • Experience an expansion and evolution of your heart and mind

Your final frontier is your inner universe and the exploration of your own consciousness. Self-realization and self-mastery are our keys to rise above limitations and design reality. When you let go of your inner resistance and choose to transform the roadblocks preventing you from succeeding in your life instead of remaining stuck behind them, it becomes easier to send out the vibration of your desires from your heart and allow the manifestation energy to flow through you.

When we create harmony within us and embody love, healing and abundance, our external universe reflects our inner transformation and life becomes magical. When you know your true self, you can shine your divine light. Your ego aligns with your soul. You create your ideal life.


Play With the Stars and With the Earth

Experience the Magellanic Codes Activation for Spiritual Evolution

Nearly 200,000 light-years from Earth, the Large Magellanic Cloud, a satellite galaxy of the Milky Way, floats in space in a long and slow dance around our galaxy.

large_magellanic_cloud_444pxFrom the Large Magellanic Cloud comes the Magellanic Codes for the next level of spiritual awakening, igniting your hidden messages and activating your Star Chakras. The Large Magellanic Cloud brings you the matrix for the next phase of human consciousness evolution on a global scale.

Integrate the Magellanic Codes from the Large Magellanic Cloud. This cloud acts as the pineal gland of the Milky Way Galaxy. As you work more with the Magellanic Cloud, you can bring your core message and vision into fruition here on earth.

Integration and activation of the Magellanic Codes will help you to navigate through the spiritual realms of possibilities and receive messages and instructions for yourself. If you are a practitioner, you can receive beneficial information for your clients, unlock your creative side, and learn to bring in solutions for yourself, your clients and for the planet.

Align with the Dimension of Your Desired Reality with the Eagle Star Altair

altair-eagle-star-life-harmonizedAltair, also known as Alpha Aquilae, is the brightest star in the constellation Aquila the Eagle.  It is the 12th brightest star in the night sky. Altair is found in ancient Greek, Indian, Middle Eastern, Chinese, Japanese and other cultures where the star played a big role for help, guidance, protection and Divine connection.

Altair rotates rapidly. This particular star requires only about 10 hours to spin once on its axis, in contrast to 24 hours for our Earth to spin or roughly a month for our sun.

Altair’s rapid rotation can be used for dimensional movement or aligning with your higher vision, goals or purpose.  You can use the rotation of Altair to move toward manifesting what you desire.

Altair and its rotation can also help you with your spiritual journey to rise above your current state of being and allow a stronger flow of cosmic energy in your life. It is a powerful star that can help you align with your soul-path.

Integrate Holographic Emitters for A New Way to Project Your Reality

arcturusArcturus is a powerful star that helps to open up a higher level of communication with your spiritual guides and cosmic forces.  Integrate the energy matrix of the empowerment star Arcturus for alignment of your ego with your higher consciousness.

Arcturus helps to bring in advanced technology for consciousness evolution.  You will integrate Holographic Emitters Technology from Arcturian consciousness, which will help you to project the reality you desire in a new way.

As you explore the Spiritual Alchemy – Evolution program, you will learn to work with these advanced Holographic Emitters and broadcast your vision for manifestation.  You will also practice projecting your vision and your priorities by infusing different types of energies to create more magic in your life.

Send Out Your Wishes with the Conscious Manifestation Triangle

manifestation-triangle-400pxYou will learn how to use the Conscious Manifestation Triangle created by 3 power stars to send out the vibration of creating what you wish or choose.  You will integrate energy matrices from each of these power stars.

You will also learn to operate your Holographic Emitters within the triangle and turn on your vision for manifestation.

You will discover how to play with birthing an idea, finding your path of harmony and sending out the vibration of your desired outcome by following a sequence in the triangle.

As you learn to harness the power of the stars in the triangle, you can use the process for all of your goals and visions.

Harmonize the Yin/Yang Energies within You with the Alpha Centauri Binary Stars

constellation-centaurus-400pxCentaurus is a bright constellation in the southern sky.  Within this constellation lies Alpha Centauri, which is the closest star system to the Solar System at a distance of 4.37 light-years.

Alpha Centauri consists of three stars: the pair Alpha Centauri A and Alpha Centauri B, and a small and faint red dwarf, Proxima Centauri.   The Alpha Centauri system is the 3rd brightest star in the night sky.

As the closest system to Earth, Alpha Centauri plays a role in our consciousness and spiritual evolution.  This system also helps transform old doctrines and allow a foundation for new ways of being.  It helps you to pursue your vision and ignite the spark of curiosity.

You will explore going deeper into these stars, expanding your consciousness, integrating an energy matrix from each of them and using their spiraling vortex for your personal spiritual alignment.

Create Health and Wellness – Ocean Energy and Oceanic Grid Healing

australia-ocean-waves-400pxOur bodies are about 70% water.  The surface of the Earth is about 70% water.  As you explore the stars and Earth, focus on your inner healing and manifest what you desire, you will also focus on healing the water energy of the planet.

It is a part of you and you are a part of the flow.  As you send healing signals and energy and information from Earth and the stars to the waters in your cells, the lakes, the rivers, the seas and the oceans, you will help to heal the life force on the planet and for yourself.

As you purify the water in your body and on the planet, you help to bring in and anchor a much higher vibration of cosmic energies that will help you to embody the spiritual energies more easily.  You can then maintain a higher state of consciousness.

Ground, Heal and Experience Longevity with Flower Essences

flower-essenceAlongside with the energy matrices of the stars, you will also explore the healing energy from flowers and plants.  From many ancient civilizations, it has been known that they used flowers for healing, vitality and longevity.  Most of that ancient knowledge is lost today.  In the mountains of Peru, there are records of the Incas using certain types of high altitude orchids that played a part in longevity and people living for hundreds of years.

In the Spiritual Alchemy – Evolution, you will tap into the energies of the healing flowers, plants and orchids and you will focus on energetically integrating their healing properties.   Heal yourself, heal humanity and heal the planet.

As you experience the process, you will also ground the cosmic energies first for yourself so that you can create more easily and then for humanity and the Earth to help others.

Discover Surprises Along the Way – Stars, Nebulas and Cosmic Bodies for Cosmic Magic

New Hubble image of star cluster Messier 15The Spiritual Alchemy – Evolution, similar to its predecessors are filled with cosmic journeys, exploring the stars, integrating energy and information matrices for empowerment, aligning with your higher vision, attracting solutions and possibilities and more.

As you go into the program, surprises will show up.  Additional stars, planets, constellations or nebulas can connect to play, create and explore.  All options are available.

Let go of your analysis and allow the experiential process to create, expand, open up and play with child like curiosity.

Your participation in the Spiritual Alchemy – Evolution will not only help you, it will also help humanity, nature and all life on Earth.

You Will Help to:

Awaken the Network of Healing Plants to Help Heal Humanity

The rain forests of the planet contain many healing plants and trees that are constantly renewing healing energies on the planet.  For the evolution of our consciousness and spirituality, we first must allow inner healing to take place.  You will tap into the network of these healing plants and trees and learn how to help them heal yourself and the planet.

You will direct healing energies toward groups that need inner healing of their past so that they can open up their hearts and experience a spiritual evolution by rising above differences such as faiths, genders, races and more.

Heal the Planetary Grid and Heal Your Own Connection

As you explore Spiritual Alchemy – Evolution, you will initiate processes to heal the planetary grid.  This will help you to harmonize the environment.  You will also play a role in global collaboration because we are all connected to the Earth’s grid system.

As you help to “repair our WiFi connection to Earth’s grid”, more people can experience alignment with their higher calling. This is one of the steps toward global harmony and collaboration.

Evolve Your Heart and Mind

Evolution and expansion of your heart and your mind is a beneficial “side-effect” of Spiritual Alchemy.  As you integrate energy, information and guidance from the stars and cosmic consciousness, you can raise your vibration and maintain a higher state of being more easily.

Resolve Global Conflicts for Peace and Prosperity

Evolution of human minds and hearts will help all of us to focus on peace, prosperity and collaboration instead of power and domination.

Would you like to be a force to awaken more of human potential as well as your own?

Transform Limitations through Spiritual Awakening and Evolution

As you expand your own consciousness and change the perception of your own reality, you will find it easier to transform limitations that prevent you from creating success or manifesting what you desire.

As you evolve, you create for yourself and you attract new solutions and possibilities for humanity and all life on Earth.

Claim your birthright and embody stellar energies to create a passionate and purpose filled life.

awakenedeye-spiritual-alchemy-evolutionDuring the Spiritual Alchemy class you will begin a process to let go of the old paradigm and tap into the infinite possibilities in front of you.  As you journey into the cosmos, you awaken your inner explorer who experiences life with the delight and joy of constant discovery. When we combine the knowledge from science, technology and spirituality, we understand both our origins and our potential.

The atoms in your body were created at the heart of different stars. As the stars go supernova, a physical energy burst creates the energies and structures, which come together to form the galaxies, solar systems, planets, and rocks. The stars give birth to the building blocks of all living beings, our environments, our physical world, and the essence of our consciousness.

We each carry messages from the stars, and when you align with your core stellar information, life becomes more purposeful and magical. Let us journey into the cosmos and begin to awaken your core messages. Claim your birthright and embody stellar energies to create a passionate and purpose filled life.

During the Spiritual Alchemy class you will begin a process to let go of the old paradigm and tap into the infinite possibilities in front of you.  As you journey into the cosmos, you awaken your inner explorer who experiences life with the delight and joy of constant discovery. When we combine the knowledge from science, technology and spirituality, we understand both our origins and our potential. The atoms in our body were created at the heart of different stars. As the stars ascended, a physical energy burst created the energies and structures which came together to form the galaxies, solar systems, planets, and rocks. The stars gave birth to the building blocks of all living beings, our environments, our physical world, and the essence of our consciousness. We each carry messages from the stars, and when we align with our core stellar information, life becomes more purposeful and magical. Let us journey into the stars and begin to awaken our core messages. Claim your birthright and embody stellar energies to create a passionate and purpose filled life.

Why is it important to work with the stars?

hands-and-universeThe wisdom of the stars provide valuable insight into areas of our life that we may not be able to see with ordinary 3D perception. When we shift patterns energetically in the Cosmic World and receive assistance and guidance from the stars, the results often show up immediately in our waking lives. Manifesting from these spaces is much more powerful than manifesting from “regular” life. Using Spiritual Alchemy’s holographic tools and programs to work with the Cosmic World, we can transform patterns with speed and ease due to being outside of duality and the 3D time-space continuum.

These are very important years for humanity’s awakening. Earth is receiving new light matrices from a number of stars, and humanity will go through a deep cleansing and releasing process. As you prepare yourself, your energy field, and your life by integrating light matrices from the stars, you can expedite your journey into a multidimensional cosmic environment and lead others to do the same. Your personal transformation fuels humanity’s transformation to peace, fulfillment, and higher consciousness.

The Birth of Spiritual Alchemy

sunIn December 2012, as humanity and the planet were going through one of the biggest energetic and consciousness expansion shifts in our known history, we launched the 12-12-12 Alignment and Integration series. It was packed with integrations of stellar energies, bringing down holographic templates from higher planes for the new world, empowering people and companies with great ideas, and so much more. Many among the hundreds of participants who attended began to unlock their connection to the stars and different star-systems, and some even remembered more about their own soul-journey. A tremendous amount of release of old patterns took place.

Each day the participants integrated information that was beneficial for their vision and soul-purpose. The entire community went through a major inner shift. It was the most powerful integration class people had ever attended. Based on that foundation and those principles, we formed Spiritual Alchemy™ as a new and unique series in 2013. The classes were held LIVE from Sedona, close to one of the sacred and powerful Sedona Vortexes and each class was infused with energy from the Earth, the Sedona Vortexes and Stellar Matrices. There were lots of surprises based on the information that comes down for everyone from higher planes. In 2014, the focus of Spiritual Alchemy™ was Manifesting with the Stars. And 2015 was Spiritual Alchemy – Rebirth. As a group, we explored different stars and constellations, learned about some of the unique qualities and discovered how to project a singular focused beam of intention to manifest desires or intentions quickly.

Experience exponential growth and a higher level of spiritual awakening.

cosmic-waves-spiritual-alchemy-evolutionDuring the Spiritual Alchemy – Evolution program, you will explore powerful stars, nebulas, vortex energies and more. The next few years are the years of exponential growth.  As you operate from a higher level of consciousness and learn to harness the power of the stars, you can create a strong foundation for your life and achieve the type of success that you desire.

This is your year of breaking rules and regulations.  This is your year to tap into new solutions and new ways of doing things that seemed “impossible” in the past.  

Let us create alchemy on earth together while you create your own stellar life.

With the Spiritual Alchemy – Evolution program you receive: 

  • 12 experiential classes – each with brief information, extended processing and group Q&A.
  • Separated journeys from each class for you to listen to anytime to meditate, create success, design reality, transform your life and more.
  • And that’s not all!  You also receive access to a private Spiritual Alchemy Facebook group where you can share your experiences, ask questions and become a part of the Life Harmonized Stellar community.


Experience the Day 1 Class and Journey of Spiritual Alchemy – Evolution Below:


Are you Exploring Spirituality and Cosmic Alignment?

You can register for the Spiritual Alchemy – Evolution and the Soul Journey HealingCosmic Combo package.

Your consciousness has explored many galaxies and timelines during its existence. From this journey there remains unresolved patterns, trauma, wartime memories and diminishing self and self-judgment because of shame, guilt, betrayal, violence and other experiences that shook your foundation. Connections to limiting beliefs and experiences of deep fear are within the majority of humanity.  The disharmony from these experiences can keep you from achieving your goals and living the life you desire.

Become a part of the Soul Journey Healing program with Spiritual Alchemy – Evolution to focus on healing these experiences and creating a major inner transformation. Healing your Soul Journey and the past will allow you to embody who you are and your gifts and live a passionate and abundant life.

Learn more about the Soul Journey Healing – Cosmic program here.

Register for the Combo price:

There are NO words to adequately describe the LOVE I feel that this class has and continues to awaken within me. Don’t know how to share right now. Sacred Reunion!! Magic is happening, THANK YOU Mashhur!

~ Kay P., Canada

Thanks, Mashhur! It was an awesome class! Wow! I am so beyond appreciative that you have shared this journey with us! It has been and is being one of the most profound experiences of my life!

~ Kim C., Colorado, USA

I think many of us get tripped up in every day stress, social mores and how we are viewed in society…are we successful or are we unsuccessful? I always felt so pressured hearing programmed words playing in the back of my mind over and over “get good grades”, “give 110 percent”, “work as hard as you possibly can”, “be the best”, “nothing succeeds like success” and it felt like I was in jail. In ballet class I didn’t want to stand at the bar and do plies, I wanted to leap all over the dance room in my own creative way. As an adult it was very hard to be happy living among people who viewed success and their identity as their job title or their many degrees they received. I lived my life for other people and not for me. I didn’t understand there was another way to live my life as I wanted to be successful like everyone around me.I’m writing this because I know many people relate. Too many people, sadly.I always thought this was just the way life was.And like you, I found a lot of relief in spirituality and it helped me find my happiness and my greatness. I must say in my journey of spiritual studies I did take a class that took my understanding of who I am to a whole new level.The class I’m talking about is Spiritual Alchemy and it was kind of like a behind-the-scenes-tour of our cosmos. This class gave me great strength to step into my greatness even more. I think this is my favorite class Mashhur offers as there is a lot of clearing but also a great deal of cosmic learning that I seemed to gather unconsciously. I want you to know that life is not all of this craziness you may be experiencing. Spiritual Alchemy took me up higher, above all of that and I felt as though I could live my life, not in an oppressed jail but in peace, strength and joy. This will be my third year taking the class and I really believe this class will help you if you are struggling and living in stress and sadness. I think you will find a sense of fulfillment after 12 days of Spiritual Alchemy and isn’t that what we all are looking for?

~ Teresa L., California, USA

All I know is this class took me to the depths of my Soul, Subconscious and now integrated in my Consciousness where my intuition has expanded exponentially plus my reactions to life are more serene after clearing so much density that I didn’t even know was there! This is one of my favorite classes. Thank you, Mashhur, for giving me the opportunity to clear so much so I can further do my mission here on Earth!

~ Sherri C., California, USA

This amazing journey is revealing to me what it means to live in my “fullness”…and also how to do it. It’s sheer bliss to celebrate this milestone…it’s been a loooonnnng-time coming!

~ Diane B., Georgia, USA

Never thought I’d be excited to wake up at 1 AM every morning but I’m telling you I am, feeling so good, so many awesome things are showing up. Feeling deeply connected and peaceful and…and…and…WOW, thank you Mashhur Anam and everyone else in our SA group.

~ Cindy B., South Africa

Things shifted magically with my finances, my children, all relationships, big gratitude to Mashhur

~ Olivia J., Germany

About your facilitator:

Mashhur Anam is an internationally known alchemist, speaker and the founder of Life Harmonized. He creates easy to use science-based transformational tools to help people access their personal power to manifest their desires and design their ideal lives. Curiosity, exploration and a desire to help humanity raise its collective consciousness has guided him to explore the holographic nature of our universe and uncover a multitude of algorithms and equations that create and design our reality as we know it. He brings these tools to people and companies from all over the world in a way that is understandable and easy-to-apply. He uses his advanced under- standing of holographic technology to help you become the Architect of your own desired reality.