We Don’t Just Teach Dreamers To Be Manifestors.

We Train Reality Benders.

Since 2011, Life Harmonized has taken people far beyond personal development by instead teaching them how to redesign their realities.

These are not your run of the mill Law of Attraction, “positive thinking” teachings that fill you up with hope and expectation, but leave you wondering what you missed. This is consciousness technology that is quick to integrate, easy to use, and works. All you need is a bit of curiosity and a willingness to explore.

Where Spirituality Meets Science & Technology

We know both from modern science and ancient spiritual teachings that the Universe is holographic in nature. The entire reality you live in is actually a series of holograms. You can access the algorithms that have built your current reality and alter them to bend your reality to what you want.

Sounds out there? It’s all based on real world science.

“Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics!” ~ Albert Einstein

We use this knowledge to help you reprogram and expand your consciousness to eliminate and prevent what you don’t want while attracting and keeping what you do want. Impossible solutions become everyday occurrences.

By combining the power of ancient wisdom with modern science and technology we have designed the tools you need to construct a new life pattern of harmony in all areas of your life; financial, relationships, health, career, spirituality and more.

The Secret to Achieving What You Want Isn’t a Secret.

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By blending science, technology and spirituality, Mashhur Anam has created powerful holographic tools that actually change the energetic structures inside and around you. The holographic tools transform or enhance the math or the current programming that creates your world into something that you desire. The results are measurable and the tools extremely effective.

The holographic tools can also be used in conjunction with and are complementary to traditional coaching, personal development and other energy modalities – both for practitioners and participants.

What Are Holographic Tools Exactly?

Scientifically speaking, Holographic Programs are executable consciousness programs or “downloads” built with interactive modules and transformative algorithms. They analyze your current state, identify challenges, define new parameters, and reprogram the source code behind your every day life.

In simple terms, Holographic Programs are advanced consciousness-based technologies – simple to use, but with the power to redesign your reality. When you use the tools, you work with the source code of the life you are currently experiencing. They help you isolate patterns causing things to repeat in your life and shift them.

The programs and tools help you construct a new calculation (a.k.a. algorithm), which translates into creating a new reality.

“When we understand the science behind magic & miracles, they become everyday technology.”
~ Mashhur Anam, Founder of Life Harmonized

How Do I Get Started?

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What Are People Saying?

“I immediately started to see changes in my overall happiness and relationships with my family and coworkers. I was stuck in a job with no hope of promotion until some folks retire in 5 years. I couldn’t see how I was going to increase my income without leaving my agency, but I eventually gave up and gave in to the Tools, determined to just allow the universe to show itself however was best for me. Shortly after the Redesign Your Reality program, a new position was created for me, which just doesn’t happen where I work. It usually takes many months to create a new position. The best part, a 19% raise! Even better is another giant raise coming in one year, for a total of a 44% increase in income since starting these programs!!!”
~ Adrian L., Illinois, USA

“I’ve done a lot of programs where the focus was on clearing energy to have the life you’d like, which helped, but I knew way more change was possible! After using Mashhur’s super-potent 5D tools and programs I discovered the magic key to creating a life that is truly miraculous!”
~ Karolyn M., Washington, USA

“I participated in the RYAM class last January and WOW has my life turned a 180 degrees for the better. My family and I moved to a house twice the size of my old one in a wonderful new city. My husband and I withdrew $10,000 from our savings account (which was everything – the balance was $0) and after 4 months it now has $25,000 in it and is still growing. My abundance mindset has completely changed ~ I now see money as something I am grateful for. I have seen abundance programs that cost less and many that cost more, but I guarantee if you use the tools consistently you will manifest the money that you paid for the class and then some. Mashhur and Kristen are Master Teachers and meeting with them every day for 29 days will absolutely change your life.”
~ Melia L., California, United States

“Since I started to use some of your tools, and since one class with you, I have evolved emotionally, mentally and spiritually, in leaps, and with depth… not only horizontal also vertical growth. I feel more WHOLE, more grounded, a peaceful and clearer mind, and in JOY. My Heart is open in ways so unexpected and surprising – because I thought/believed that I was loving. Now, I have experienced another way of Being/Love. It is extraordinary! Clearings, Insights and healing have been meaningful, powerful for me. I am more who I truly am…”
~ Carole L., British Columbia, Canada

I have no words to describe the powerful effect of Mashhur’s programs and teachings in my life. I had tried a number of different modalities over the past 5 years, but what I experienced with these programs and tools compare to nothing else.  I finally felt healing taking place after many years of being overwhelmed by hopelessness, trauma and intense suffering.  I’ve also felt empowered to take action and gain clarity on what I want to experience in my life. My experience with Mashhur, either in classes, private sessions or coaching calls has been amazing. I feel he truly cares about helping people and is genuinely interested in helping harmonize the planet. Also, I love being able to use the tools to work not only on my own healing but also help people and pets. The other day I experimented using one of the tools on my dog, who was injured after a fall and could not walk. His recovery was almost instant and it was great to see the relief from pain. Everybody was speechless. Much gratitude!”
~ Helga M., Tennessee, USA