Unlock your abundance matrix class

“I participated in the RYAM class last January and WOW has my life turned a 180 degrees for the better. My family and I moved to a house twice the size of my old one in a wonderful new city. My husband and I withdrew $10,000 from our savings account (which was everything – the balance was $0) and after 4 months it now has $25,000 in it and is still growing. My abundance mindset has completely changed ~ I now see money as something I am grateful for. I have seen abundance programs that cost less and many that cost more, but I guarantee if you use the tools consistently you will manifest the money that you paid for the class and then some. Mashhur and Kristen are Master Teachers and meeting with them every day for 29 days will absolutely change your life.”

— Melia L., California, United States

“This is an amazingly rich program. Through the daily powerful processes many different themes are covered to raise our abundance. After this class and in synergy with the different holographic tools and Life Harmonized programs, I feel very empowered and optimistic that the quality/abundance of my life will continue to go up and up. The future is bright. Deeply grateful to Mashhur and Kristen for this program and their deep love for humanity and the planet.”

— Melia L., California, United States

“The RYAM class is life changing! Mashhur and Kristen are amazing, inspirational, and intuitive teachers that are here to transform your Abundance in all areas of your life! I would recommend this class to anyone who is looking to change their reality into the flow of Abundance and have Magic and Miracles happen every day! :)”

—Molly R., Illinois, United States

“This program changed my life! I now have a new understanding of the many facets of what abundance is, and a new understanding of how to create and attract abundance into my life. I now have the tools to assist me, as well as a community of soul family in my corner, cheering me on and assisting me when I need it. This class is more than a class, it is a truly magical, life-changing experience!”

—Ellyn D., Maryland, United States

“If you are worried about the price, let me just say this ~ you can’t afford not to take this class!”

—Rose-Marie WF., Toronto, Canada

“I went in with the viewpoint that money was bad and that rich people were responsible for greed. Now I feel that money is needed to help our planet and everyone who live here. I see money as a necessary energy to have fun with, help people and pay the bills. Expect to grow in exponential ways that may not have anything to do with money. You will receive an abundance of love, kindness, support, help and friendship whilst in this program. It is life-changing.”

—Teresa L., California, United States

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Reshape Your Health

“What it has done for me is allowed me to be more at ease and comfortable with a new possibility. Before when I would think about a number (ideal weight) that is lower than my usual, I would instantly dismiss it knowing that in the past…if I had ever even gotten close to that number I would instantly panic and sabotage myself somehow by over eating! Now as I fill in the blank with a number (my ideal weight) that I have set as a target, it feels natural and ‘of course’! I have released 3 lbs and use the programs every night. I do not think twice when I see the weight dropping and have no worries either way. Feeling totally secure in creating this fun type of change!!”

Sarah, Wisconsin, U.S.A.

“I’ve noticed that every morning I feel lighter in my body, my stomach is flatter and I am starting to release extra weight! I’ve also noticed I am asking and following what my body needs for maximum harmony including what foods to eat, sleeping more (going to bed earlier instead of overriding my body’s signals to go to bed, also sleeping in longer), exercising pretty much daily (which is new) and just giving my body more love and attention in general. My skin also looks healthier and I was guided to start using virgin coconut oil on my face and my wrinkles are smoothing out quite nicely. Looking and feeling younger every day.”

Karolyn, Washington, U.S.A.

“I have felt lighter, have more energy, my body is excited to work out in a way I have never felt before. In less than two months I released all the weight I had gained when I recently broke a bone and wasn’t able to workout. I have been eating less and my body has been craving healthier, fresher foods. Feeling more rested even with less sleep.”

Kristine, Washington, U.S.A.

“I felt the effects of this the first night. I felt a lightness in my body & being. It wasn’t weight per se, but it was a lovely feeling.”

Lauren, Washington, U.S.A.

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Activate The 12 Rays Of The Sun

“I am a Karuna Reiki Master and I have found that using the 12 Rays is at least as powerful as the Reiki symbols. This is a real upgrade for Reiki Practitioners. I use the 12 Rays throughout the day to lift my energy. I breathe the 12 Rays into my heart, fill my heart with the 12 Rays, and then radiate the 12 Rays out to send healing light and love to everyone. I have also used the 9th and 10th Rays at times when I felt anxiety to feel calmer and more peaceful. I am very grateful to have the 12 Rays in my life, and I look forward to integrating the higher stellar rays very soon.”

Peter B., Montana, U.S.A.

“I have been using the 12 Rays of the Sun regularly since taking the class 10 months ago and have noticed a profound difference in my ability to sense energies through my hands. Whilst I’d done Reiki previously and was well used to feeling energy in my hands, the level of sensitivity combined with the ability to custom-code frequencies emitted via my hands meant that I am now able to achieve so much more. I use the 12 Rays regularly on myself for physical healing as well as on my clients to shift not only physical issues but also emotional, mental, spiritual, etc. I also use the 12 Rays program to add different frequencies to my goals and visions to help with manifestation, as well as in my corporate work life by sending out various rays to groups of people, my emails or communications – the possibilities are limitless! This program is phenomenal, especially for anyone wanting a tangible “hands-on” tool that has the ability to change one’s life and the lives of those around them. A “raving” fan!”

Andrea B., Auckland, New Zealand

“The 12 Rays of the Sun class is rich with content you most likely won’t find anywhere else. I think what students will love is how creative you can be with the various rays and what they can do for one’s body, one’s goals, the world’s continents and our finned and furry friends. The rays are anchored in your hands and fingers and my family members can actually feel the tingle or the heat when I use my healing hands and work on them. I love combining the rays and also having them sent as vortexes to me, my home, past lifetimes and timelines, really anyone or anything- the sky’s the limit (lol). It’s a powerful class but it’s also fun and very practical. This is one of my favorite classes that I’ve ever taken and I’m so happy I have these little tools in my hands and fingers, ready to use at a moment’s notice. Great for remote healing as well as working on one directly.”

Teresa L., California, U.S.A.

What People Are Saying…

Since I started to use some of your tools, and since one class with you, I have evolved emotionally, mentally and spiritually, in leaps, and with depth… not only horizontal also vertical growth. I feel more WHOLE, more grounded, a peaceful and clearer mind, and in JOY. My Heart is open in ways so unexpected and surprising – because I thought/believed that I was loving. Now, I have experienced another way of Being/Love. It is extraordinary!

Clearings, Insights and healing have been meaningful, powerful for me. I am more who I truly am….

Carole L., British Columbia, Canada

THANK YOU Mashhur for creating such AMAZING, TRANSFORMATIONAL, MAGICAL tools, programs and classes.

Olivia J., Germany

I’ve been working with Mashhur’s programs since April 2013. I immediately started to see changes in my overall happiness and relationships with my family and coworkers. I was stuck in a job with no hope of promotion until some folks retire in 5 years. I couldn’t see how I was going to increase my income without leaving my agency, but I eventually gave up and gave in to the Tools, determined to just allow the universe to show itself however was best for me. Shortly after the Redesign Your Reality program, a new position was created for me, which just doesn’t happen where I work. It usually takes many months to create a new position. The best part, a 19% raise! Even better is another giant raise coming in one year, for a total of a 44% increase in income since starting these programs!!!

Adrian L., Illinois, USA

This is powerful stuff, and if you put in the time and effort to continually let these tools work for you, you WILL see results in all areas of your life.

Adrian L., Illinois, USA

I have no words to describe the powerful effect of Mashhur’s programs and teachings in my life. I had tried a number of different modalities over the past 5 years, but what I experienced with these programs and tools compare to nothing else.  I finally felt healing taking place after many years of being overwhelmed by hopelessness, trauma and intense suffering.  I’ve also felt empowered to take action and gain clarity on what I want to experience in my life.

My experience with Mashhur, either in classes, private sessions or coaching calls has been amazing. I feel he truly cares about helping people and is genuinely interested in helping harmonize the planet.

Also, I love being able to use the tools to work not only on my own healing but also help people and pets. The other day I experimented using one of the tools on my dog, who was injured after a fall and could not walk. His recovery was almost instant and it was great to see the relief from pain. Everybody was speechless. Much gratitude!

Helga M., Tennessee, USA

We have been using Mashhur’s tools and programs since mid-2012 and have benefited from them all.  Last year, we purchased the Year of the Water Snake.  The Feng Shui package does exactly what Mashhur describes:  it balances and harmonizes energies, bringing more joy, peace, and inner calm.  We appreciate Mashhur’s integrity, sincerity, and generosity of spirit, which infuse all his products.

Peter & Jo-Anne B., Winnipeg, Canada

Your tools and programs empower us to live from our heart space and activate our potential.

Peter & Jo-Anne B., Winnipeg, Canada

My experience while using Mashur’s holographic tools has been phenomenal and beyond this 3D!! I feel like I am operating from higher dimensions at all times now…miraculous and magical!

If you really want to experience magical shifts in your life while operating from a most harmonious and joyful state, then I highly recommend attending Mashhur’s classes.

Shazia N, Saudi Arabia

Imagine you had access to your own personal holodeck where you could program and create a whole new reality for yourself; this is what its like using Mashhur’s holographic tools and programs!  The results I’ve gotten from using them are quite magical, at times astonishing! The vortex meditations are particularly powerful in opening up multidimensional awarenesses and capacities.  I’ve never had so much fun redesigning my reality!

Karolyn M., Washington, USA

I can’t say that I completely understand it all, but I do know that I have tried many modalities, including the fact that I am a Reiki master, and your method is one of a very few that has ever worked for me. I am truly experiencing major shifts in myself and my life and I know that it is due to your work. I can’t thank you enough.

Kathleen, USA

Mashhur’s tools helped me and family members invaluably in the darkest times.  I also learn a lot from the Q and A’s as the answers Mashhur gives can always be applied to some area of your life. Where any small thing would send me into a frantic downward spiral months before, I now apply what he teaches and have solidified into a new way of functioning. My life has more ease, some things shifted miraculously and those that are still not to my liking, I now know they will change. I have also become more clairvoyant and knowing and am looking forward to more.

Alex, New York, USA

I’ve done a lot of programs where the focus was on clearing energy to have the life you’d like, which helped, but I knew way more change was possible! After using Mashhur’s super-potent 5D tools and programs I discovered the magic key to creating a life that is truly miraculous!

Karolyn M., Washington, USA

Each class or call of Mashhur’s I learn about another aspect of myself or another way to communicate with others. As I use the holographic tools and journeys I have moved into a space of neutrality.

Joni S., Oregon, USA

Mashhur’s holographic programs and tools are beyond brilliant! My life has transformed from one of struggle and lack, to a deep knowing and experience that anything is possible! In fact, its down right magical!

Karolyn M., Washington, USA


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