Become the Guardian of Your Universe:
Debug & Upgrade Your Energetic
Operating System

We Are Being Bombarded by Confusion and Chaos

Is the world in chaos and turmoil or is it a natural progression of our evolution?
Are you rising above illusion or becoming a part of the drama?
Do you feel like you want to help, but aren’t sure how or feel like something is holding you back?
How much influence do you really have in designing your reality?
What role are you playing in the global energetic shift?
Would you like to contribute more fully to the change you want to see in the world?

You may be tired of needing to deal with the physical, emotional, mental and especially energetic resistance and challenges that are constantly being thrown at you.

You are not alone. There is an energetic disturbance circling through the planet creating duality and resistance to the next phase of our collective consciousness evolution.

You may have information to help yourself and others, but you don’t know what to do with it or how to use the information in a way that feels aligned.

You may feel like “Neo” waking up in the movie The Matrix, disoriented about what to do to improve things for yourself and others.

Why are all these things suddenly happening with a greater force?

A new level of sticky low-vibrational energy is currently present on Earth igniting inner confusion and chaos. This energy flourished a long time ago and then dissipated as human consciousness evolved. It is resurfacing again now because deep down, Earth and many people all over the world are still holding onto this dormant information.

This energy is very subtle. Though it has been mostly dormant for many thousands of years, it rises from time-to-time to create resistance within our consciousness evolution. It is noticeable that whenever we—humanity—get close to a new level of breakthrough, evolution and global collaboration, some type of war breaks down the process, and we need to start all over again.

Let’s not allow that to happen ever again!


Rise Above the Chaos and Create the Change You Want to See

For our next level of awakening and the expansion of global consciousness, we need to have our personal field strong enough to repel, dissipate and deflect back this energetic presence so that we can rise above confusion, drama and resistance and be in Source alignment instead.

For this reason, your energy system and your human operating system need to be “Debugged.” Once you give yourself a dose of energetic and holographic antivirus, you will strengthen your immunity against these energetic interferences and more easily align with your Soul Vision.

When you have a stronger immunity to the global energetic interference that feeds on confusion, anger, fear and doubt, you will be in a stronger position to help yourself, your loved ones, your community, your clients and the Earth.


A guardian is a strong leader with the wisdom to decide what is beneficial and what is not. A guardian keeps his/her community (family, friends, loved ones, clients, plants, animals and Earth itself) safe from external harm or interference because a guardian is able to handle the task.

In other words: YES. YOU.

Only YOU can maintain the vibration of your reality. There is no one else who can hold your alignment and focus. As you debug your system, allow a stronger cosmic flow and use the Holographic processes, you step into the role of becoming the guardian of your own Universe.

You will trust yourself and your enhanced intuition more. You can operate from clarity and focus on bringing out your true gifts and talents for others and the planet.

We Can Dissipate the Energetic Virus and Manipulation Energy - TOGETHER

The softer energetic disturbance of this virus-like energy is causing manipulation to take place all over the planet. You see this in people, companies, organizations and governments – everywhere. This is not what is often referred to as the “reptilian energy” of survival, polarization and conflict although that can be an outcome. This is more of a “smoky/sticky” energy that amplifies the sensations of:
The illusion of separation – it makes you lonely and you feel like no one cares about you or that you are a burden
Hopelessness – you don’t know what to do or if anything you do will matter
Wanting to give up – so you don’t have to deal with this anymore
Going back to your old world – so you can detach from expanding your consciousness – this is a big win for the energetic virus
Giving your power away to others – thinking maybe someone will come and fix you and you don’t take action or give in to other people’s will
Feeling unworthy – it totally takes you out of alignment
Being afraid of change – causes a fear of what if things get worse instead of allowing you to focus on creativity and possibilities
Lack of willingness to move forward – leaves you confused and doubting your every action

You can find these manipulation and interference energies all throughout the world today. People and companies are falling under the hypnotic influence of power and domination and then derailing from their original message/purpose.

It is essential for us to come together and dismantle the “consciousness expansion bug.” We must each step into the role of designing our ultimate reality – together we can change the trajectory of the whole world.

Change Your Energy, Change the Universe

As we each learn to be aware of these energies, we can diffuse, block, and transform them to bring in a new level of re-alignment and refinement energies for ourselves.

Waves of higher vibrational energies can then anchor on the planet for humanity and all lives on Earth, raising global awareness and consciousness.

You become a creative power for your own Universe.

While working in the hologram to help the planet and humanity rise above these energies, some new processes have shown up to create these deep energetic shifts.

Introducing a brand new, 2-part program combining these new processes – it’s like an Antivirus Program for Your Consciousness

The processes that you receive during this program will be like running an antivirus program for your consciousness. This program will help you move from Illusion to Re-alignment and help your community and the planet do the same.


You will feel safe knowing the Universe supports you and cosmic consciousness from higher levels is helping you
You will feel immunity from the non-beneficial energies you deal with often
As you practice the steps, rise above doubt and confusion easily
Re-align with your higher vision and purpose
Resist interference energies and allow a stronger flow of cosmic guidance in your life
Step-by-step, you will release self-judgment and self-sabotage patterns
Extract the energy from your Chakras and energy systems to diffuse underlying fear, doubt, resistance and manipulation energies
Awaken your higher level Chakras and energy centers
Help run the processes for the Earth Crystalline Grid to allow a higher level of guidance to come in for collaboration and eco-friendly technology
Enhance your mental abilities to see the truth through illusions and take actions to achieve what you desire
Help to diffuse “hateful” energies from the planet to create more harmony
Have the space and energy to be truly you

Rise above chaos and confusion that keep distracting you from focusing on your vision

Your Soul-gifts can finally shine – become the leader of your reality
Strengthen your knowingness and enhance your intuition

Become a light bulb for the collective consciousness


Enhance Your 12 Chakras and Go Beyond

Your Chakras are the energy centers for your physical body and energy field. They are your consciousness gateways bringing in higher dimensional energies and information for your life.

In this program, you will experience a process to extract ancient layers of energetic coating from your Chakras and energy centers that resonate with the underlying energies of illusion, separation, fear, doubt and old programming that are no longer beneficial for your new path.

Upgrading and enhancing your 12 major Chakras will also help you to start a process to awaken the higher levels of Chakras and energy centers.

During the series, you will experience a deep cleansing and enhancement of your 12 major Chakras with the holographic matrices from the Himalayan Salt crystal energy, the Dead Sea Salt crystal energy and also the energy matrix from Pluto for strength, renewal and restoration.

Experience an Energetic Himalayan Salt Cleanse

More and more people are finding out about the benefits of Himalayan salts and all the minerals they contain. During this program, you will go beyond the physical aspect and experience an energetic deep cleansing of your energy system and the planetary grid with Himalayan salt crystals.

The holographic matrix of the structure, properties and the energy of the Himalayan Salt crystals will be used during the process.

The energy of the Himalayan salt crystals also helps to trap and diffuse the smoky interference energy that has been going around the planet and often acting as a consciousness virus.

Experience an Energetic Dead Sea Salt Cleanse

Similar to Himalayan salts, Dead Sea salt crystals hold specific types of energies and minerals that benefit your body, your personal field and your consciousness evolution.

These salt crystals also help to trap and dissipate the unwanted sticky resting energies that are currently causing challenges to consciousness evolution.

The holographic matrix of the structure, properties and the energy of the Dead Sea Salt crystals will be used during the process.

Experience a deep energetic salt detox from the Himalaya and the Dead Sea region to strengthen your alignment and flush out interference energies from your Chakras.

Enhance Your Mental Strength with Holographic Templates from Pluto

The energies of Pluto represent a deeper level of transformation. Pluto also holds the energies of renewal and rebirth. It represents subconscious forces ruling all that is below the surface.

In this program, for the first time ever, you will experience an integration of enhanced focus energy with Holographic Templates from Pluto.

Working with these templates and the energies of Pluto helps to enhance your mental strength and discipline to repel what’s not beneficial and attract what you desire.

As you continue to explore working with Pluto’s energy matrix, strength and discipline energies, you will be able to hold and maintain a stronger alignment to only allow what aligns with your Soul vibration.

The enhanced mental strength will also give you the ability to hold the focus or vibration of what you desire longer and more intensely to manifest faster.

Receive 2 Brand New Holographic Templates for Activation

To make the process simpler for you to use, you will receive 2 brand new Holographic Templates that you can simply call and activate:

  • A Holographic Template to launch the energy matrix of the Himalayan Salt crystal vortex
  • A Holographic Template to launch the energy matrix of the Dead Sea Salt crystal vortex

These tools will bring in the energy matrices of the Himalayan Salt crystals and the Dead Sea Salt crystals.

Once you have them installed and activated during the program, you can run either of the 2 Holographic Templates anytime and allow a step-by-step process of a deep energetic cleanse, activation and realignment with Himalayan Salt vortex and/or a Dead Sea Salt vortex.

You can run them for yourself, your family members, your clients, your home and office and even for companies, organizations, cities and governments to help them with their alignment and next steps.

You truly become a Guarding of Your Own Universe and help others align, collaborate and create.

The process to Debug Your Operating System to Become the Guardian of Your Universe runs for 8 days and is a 2-part online program where you will:

  • Experience 2 – 90 to 120 minute classes
  • Receive 5 Journeys including:
    • Activation of the Himalayan Salt Vortex
    • Activation of the Dead Sea Salt Vortex
    • Enhancements with Pluto
  • Guidance on how to use these new tools to help yourself, your family, friends, clients and the Earth




Experience the Preview Call about the program and a 22-minute journey/meditation at the end using the 8th and the 10th rays of the Sun (spiritual rays) for physical and mental energetic cleansing and reducing mind chatter.  You will also experience a gentle cleansing of your field with the Himalayan Salt energy.

Why should you care about global consciousness when you have your own stuff to deal with first?

From science and spiritual teachings, we know that the world that we experience outside of us is a reflection of our inner world.

“We but mirror the world. All the tendencies present in the outer world are to be found in the world of our body. If we could change ourselves, the tendencies in the world would also change. As a man changes his own nature, so does the attitude of the world change towards him. This is the divine mystery supreme. A wonderful thing it is and the source of our happiness. We need not wait to see what others do.” – Mahatma Gandhi

You are a part of the collective network. When a part of the planet is in disharmony, a part of you is in disharmony – whether you understand it or not.

For example, if you work for a company that is in trouble financially, is your employment safe? No, of course not. If you could help the company energetically shift to create financial abundance, you would be more peaceful and confident about your own finances.

When the world is facing a lot of confusion and conflict, so will you. That’s why it is in your best interest to take actions in your life that will help diffuse these energies, challenges and manipulations. What shows up on the planet is also a reflection of our collective consciousness.

Move from Illusion to Re-Alignment

You can be part of the enlightenment, moving the planet beyond chaos and into the next phase of our consciousness evolution.

As you shift your own consciousness, you will help create a ripple through the planet to help shift global consciousness.

How fast can we evolve collectively to experience a greater flow of creativity and prosperity and attract a stronger alignment with our higher purpose?

Learn how to be resilient in this time of chaos and hold the energy of alignment for yourself and for the planet.

During the program you will:

Extract ancient layers of energetic coating from your Chakras and energy centers that resonate with the underlying energies of illusion
Dissipate the energetic interference to help raise the planetary vibration for global collaboration
Take charge of your life and focus on your higher vision
Remove self-judgment and self-sabotage patterns
Strengthen your energetic field to be in your Soul alignment
Integrate Holographic Templates for supporting higher vibrational Source energy
Neutralize energetic subconscious influences from your past timelines that lock you up with different types of upper limits
Begin a process to open up to cosmic guidance that will empower you
Detach from energies and influences that create confusion in your system
Begin to attune your vibration with new levels of cosmic energies coming to support Earth and the expansion of consciousness

Choose to move forward.

Choose to design your own reality.

Become the Guardian of Your Universe and Re-Align with Your Soul-Vision!