Ending the Year in Gratitude

A few more days and we will say goodbye to another year!

I always like to end the year in gratitude. Many people and especially businesses focus on what didn’t work for them or what they did not accomplish during the year.

I have a different approach. On December 31st, the last day of the year, take 30 minutes to focus on all the things you have accomplished (yes, there are many!) during the past year. Think about your success and feel your success in your heart. Be grateful for everything, especially the things you think didn’t work out even though you have done all you could to achieve them.

When you end the year in gratitude, you focus on inner healing. When you do not hold on to grudges or bitter memories, you make peace with the flow of cosmic energies. And when that happens, you allow inner healing and increase the flow of the energy of gratitude in your life.

When you direct the Universal flow of energy and attention toward your success, accomplishments, the magic and miracles you experienced and all the things that worked out for you, it will be easier for you to allow more of that energy into your life for the brand new year.

When you want to manifest something, it doesn’t matter what that is, you MUST focus on what you desire. NOT what you do not want to see or experience. Otherwise you will shine the spotlight on what you do not prefer.

Gratitude Exercise:
Let’s take 30 minutes to end the year with the powerful gratitude exercise below. You can also listen to the recent Gratitude, Empowerment and Celebration call here.

Take out a journal or a notebook – do this exercise by hand as much as possible so that you can create a stronger “mapping” in your brain. Otherwise you can also use a Word/etc. document.

  • Spend a minute breathing in and out to center yourself
  • Go through all the months in your head starting with January
  • For each month, write down all the things you are grateful for – you can begin with “I am grateful for …”
  • At the end, express your overall thanks and appreciation to the Universe and all that exists

After you complete the exercise, starting January 1st, you can then begin to focus on your vision for the new year.

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