Frequently Asked Questions

Hologram Questions:

What is a Hologram?

Simply put, a Hologram is a projection of patterns of light with encoded information that create our 3-D reality. By working with the hologram, it means working directly with the pattern of energy, information and the equations that make up everything that is physical in our reality.

What is a Holographic Program?

Holographic Programs directly work with our consciousness, our personal and the planetary matrix to update the projection of our reality so that we can make shifts in our 3-D life effortlessly. These are executable programs or “downloads” that are built with interactive modules and transformative algorithms to analyze our current state, identify issues, define new parameters and use transformative algorithms to reprogram the source code behind our 3-D life. They are easy to use and change can happen very quickly. Using the holographic environmental transformation programs for homes, offices and properties, you can raise the energy, the core vibration and increase environmental harmony. Holographic tools can also be used to program logos, websites and products to hold higher vibration, attract clients, increase harmony and income, decrease negativity and become more effective.

What is the difference between Holographic Programs vs. Conventional Methods/Modalities?

Conventional methods and various modalities are great. They have been around for a long time and some are relatively new. However, most of these methods or modalities work with the end product to polish and shine. In many cases, these methods do not address the underlying issues or equations or algorithms that are responsible for creating the specific patterns. By working with the Hologram, you access the information behind the pattern you would like to transform addressing the underlying issues to harmonize them so that a new pattern emerges for you.

Can I use these programs if I do not meditate?

Absolutely. The same way you do not need to understand how Microsoft Word is programmed as long as you have it installed on your computer and have a link to launch it, you can successfully use it.

Can anyone work with the Hologram?

YES! As we move through some critical years for our planetary transformation, you not only would help yourself, your family and your career, you will also help people around you and humanity as a whole by raising your consciousness and vibration. With the holographic programs and tools, change can happen very fast.

Why are these methods effective?

These methods are effective because they help to transform the underlying codes that make up our current reality. In the simplest terms, when you work with Holograms, you are creating a solid foundation to attract all of your desires and to help repel negative energies and patterns that do not serve you.  


Getting Started Questions

What is a great way to get started?

A great way to always start is to do a thorough space clearing of your personal energy field, your home and your office or business. All of these methods are taught here. Once your field is clean and ready to receive new updates and information, meditation and holographic programs would be very beneficial.

Start with the free tools

  • Sign up for the Life Harmonized newsletter and receive the Harmonic Shield. Activating it is one of the most powerful daily tasks you can do to raise your vibration and consciousness, attract harmony and abundance and create a safe and sacred space for you. You can even use this shield for your home, office or business. It only takes a minute!
  • Attend the free Monthly Abundance calls to set up your goals and visions.

Next we recommend:

  • Our Holographic Transformation Harmony Tool Kit. This package includes many of our foundational tools and programs to help you create your ideal life.
  • Attend the monthly Cosmic Creation Calls (Q&A, integration, meditation and more). Learn to harness the power of the stars to design an enhanced life and manifest faster!
  • Order the Fire Monkey Feng Shui package. This will instantly raise the energy of your home, office or business. You do not need to move furniture around or place objects all over your home and replace them for monthly and yearly cycles the way you would for traditional Feng Shui. All updates will be done and you receive before and after measurements from a professional Feng Shui consultant. Click here to learn more and see some results.
  • If you need custom tools or programs for your business or want to encode holograms for your products, please contact Life Harmonized support:


Customer Service and Order Information

Please read the important information below.

Holographic Tools, Programs or Class Recordings: For each item, you will receive an auto responder with a link to download your products. After your order of the Holographic Tools or Programs, your copy will be enabled and activated. If you do not get an email within 30 minutes (auto generated emails are sent immediately), please check junk, spam and deleted folders and make sure to add to your safe list. If you still cannot find the information, please contact us at and forward your receipt.

Online classes and programs: For each class or program, you will receive an auto confirmation with your dial-in information and your access code or a URL for the page where the information will be posted for the call or the program. If you do not get an email within 30 minutes (auto generated emails are sent immediately), please check junk, spam and deleted folders and make sure to add to your safe list. If you still cannot find the information, please contact us at and forward your receipt.

Fire Monkey Package: Please allow 7-10 business days to complete all the processes. You will receive a detailed report and an explanation guide about your property.

Personal Session: You will receive an email with your appointment details automatically within a few minutes of scheduling your appointment online. If you do not see the email, please check junk, spam and deleted folders and make sure to add to your safe list. You will also receive a reminder 1 day in advance with phone and Skype details.

Support: You will receive the fastest response by emailing us at If you have a question or issue that is not easily addressed over email, you can call customer service at 206-557-7748. If you leave a message, your call will be returned within 24 hours Monday through Friday or on Monday if you call on a weekend.


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