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All calls and classes include a deep processing, journey and integration after the introduction and overview.

Latest Monthly Abundance Call

Experience May 2017 Abundance Integration Call



Gratitude, Empowerment and Celebration Call


9-9-9:  Activate the Energy of Completion Call

Experience a guided journey and processing to integrate the energy of completion for the next year, 3 years, 6 years and 9 years.


Global Harmony Call for Peace and Collaboration

Cosmic Creation Call

This Cosmic Creation Call will help you to connect with the star Ankaa in the constellation of Phoenix.  It is also known as Alpha Phoenicis.  If you are not around astronomers, you can also call it Alpha Phoenix.  You will begin the new year with Fire energy.  Learn how to work with the star Ankaa to transform your life and ignite your creativity.  It helps you to awaken you higher vision and reconstruct your reality. It also helps you to transform existing energy and rebuild.


Gratitude & Celebration Journey

Global Celebration Integration Call


Free Programs

Heal Yourself, Heal the WORLD

Heal Yourself, Heal the WORLDThe Heal Yourself, Heal the WORLD 3-part program helps you Diffuse Fear, Anger, Violence, Hatred, Judgment and Racial and Religious disharmony by creating a deep core Inner Shift. Events that you notice outside of you have a correlation with the energetic imprints that are deep inside you. As you go through the Heal Yourself, Heal the WORLD inner transformation program, you will cause a chain reaction to diffuse these energies on the planet. and step into a new alignment. This new vibrational alignment will help you to spread more love, joy and harmony through the collective consciousness.

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Generational Healing for Spirituality

Generational-Healing-Spirituality-SquareThe Generational Healing for Spirituality program is designed to help you dissolve the limiting core beliefs and memories causing you to experience blocks around divine connection, living your full potential, achieving success, increasing income, experiencing more love and healing and attracting personal and global collaboration.

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Abundance Activation

8-8-Abundance-Activation-Life-HarmonizedJoin thousands from around the globe for one unified vision – to activate and open up the flow of abundance in all areas of your life.

The Universe is abundant.  Creation energy has no lack, limitations or restrictions.  Become a designer of your new life.

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