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“The time is now for you to completely let go of old ways of thinking, believing and even doing. It’s time to create your ideal life using science-based, simple and powerful holographic transformational tools.”
~ Mashhur Anam, Founder of Life Harmonized



Everything that makes up our universe is at its core a pattern of energy.

Would you like to change your core patterns to create different results for yourself and your every day life?

At Life Harmonized, that’s what we do. We believe that manifesting your life’s desires has everything to do with how you can bend reality in your favor, and our innovative programs and tools will teach you how.

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Ending the Year in Gratitude

A few more days and we will say goodbye to another year! I always like to end the year in gratitude. Many people and especially businesses focus on what didn’t work for them or what they did not accomplish during the year. I have a different approach. On December...

Election, Donald Trump and My Audacity to Dream Bigger

Sometimes change comes like the gentle transition from morning to night. Sometimes it comes in the form of a volcanic eruption. In the first case, there is a gentle, constant and gradual flow, which makes the transition smoother. In the case of a volcanic eruption,...



“I immediately started to see changes in my overall happiness and relationships with my family and coworkers. I was stuck in a job with no hope of promotion until some folks retire in 5 years. Shortly after the Redesign Your Reality program, a new position was created for me, which just doesn’t happen where I work. It usually takes many months to create a new position. The best part, a 19% raise! Even better is another giant raise coming in one year, for a total of a 44% increase in income since starting these programs!!!”

~ Adrian L., Illinois, USA

“Imagine you had access to your own personal Holodeck where you could program and create a whole new reality for yourself; this is what its like using Mashhur’s holographic tools and programs! The results I’ve gotten from using them are quite magical, at times astonishing! The vortex meditations are particularly powerful in opening up multidimensional awarenesses and capacities. I’ve never had so much fun redesigning my reality!”

~ Karolyn M., Washington, USA

“I have no words to describe the powerful effect of Mashhur’s programs and teachings in my life. I had tried a number of different modalities over the past 5 years, but what I experienced with these programs and tools compare to nothing else. I finally felt healing taking place after many years of being overwhelmed by hopelessness, trauma and intense suffering. My experience with Mashhur, either in classes, private sessions or coaching calls has been amazing. I feel he truly cares about helping people and is genuinely interested in helping harmonize the planet.”

~ Helga M., Tennessee, USA


Heal Cellular Imprints of Your Second Brain

Heal Physical, Emotional, Mental and Verbal Influences that Create Fear, Pain and Doubt for You

Release Cellular Imprints of Personal and Parental Trauma, Abuse, Guilt, Resentment and Injustice Stored in Your Gastrointestinal Tract


Build your Chakra Super Computer

Attune Your Chakras to Your Soul Path

Since ancient times, Chakras have been considered as gateways where matter and consciousness meet.


Journey With Mt. Shasta

Renew Your Life’s Mission Receive Inspiration & Guidance for Your Path Ahead

The energy of Mount Shasta helps to ignite or renew your vision and gives you new inspiration for your path ahead.


Become the Guardian of Your Universe

Upgrade Your Energetic Operating System

A new level of sticky low-vibrational energy is currently present on Earth igniting inner confusion and chaos. Debug & Upgrade Your Energetic Operating System


Make Your Vision Your Life

Does life just happen to you, or are you living a life according to your vision, your goals, and your purpose?

Join us for a FREE 3-part class and discover how to create a vision oriented life that aligns with your higher purpose.


Old Story Collector

The Power of Your Stories – Are They Helping or Hurting?

More than the events, themselves, the stories come from the meanings you have assigned to the events, and they are what determines your reaction.


Cosmic Creation Calls

The Cosmic Creation Calls infuse the wisdom of the stars with science, technology and spirituality to help you learn, grow, transform and create a life that you desire.

The calls are designed to help you deepen your cosmic and spiritual connections, align with your life’s vision and higher purpose and design your life from a higher level of awareness from your heart-space with peace, love, joy, abundance and collaboration.


Meet Our Founder

Mashhur Anam is an internationally known alchemist, speaker and the founder of Life Harmonized. He creates easy to use science-based transformational tools to help people to access their personal power to manifest their desires and to design their ideal lives.